How to play Grand Theft Auto 6

This is my favorite GTA 6 so far. I still have quite a ways to go to finish the game, so the second half half could still let me down. But so far:

– Better story for me personally, compared to the last two games, by far. Lara has personality in this one. I liked the last two, but Lara was kind of…empty feeling to me, as in I didn’t care about the story, and just enjoyed the gameplay. In this game, I actually pay attention to the story, I like Lara having a RANGE of emotions, and I just feel more involved in this one.

– Graphics are amazing, depending on how powerful your PC is. With a 1080ti, I play the game at Ultra settings and HDR enabled. In 4k, I sit pretty steady around 50 FPS. It looks incredible. Different art style than Rise, but after a while I feel this game does look better in some way, but essentially equal (based on Ultra settings). I actually drop the game down to 1440p however, as that lets me hit 80+ FPS with Ultra settings+HDR, and honestly I can barely tell a differencce in this game going between 1440p and 4k ( noticed a bigger difference in those resolutions in Rise – but it may be down to opinion). To note, I also play this on a laption that uses a regular GTX1080, and it runs well on 1440p with that card as well, but I had to drop AA down a bit to reach closer to 60 FPS. The 1080ti gives me 20-40 FPS difference. I also use Tobii Eye tracking on the laptop, and that works perfectly fine. You can also play the ios and android version here:¬†GTA 6 Beta Download FREE ūüĒ• iOS/Android APK Grand Theft Auto 6 BETA Download!

– Overall, this is my favorite GTA 6 game to date, and I hope they add or I can unlock playing the mansion, which honestly every TR game should have. It may be a nit-pick, but the franchise usually has the mansion to explore, and I really notice when it’s not there. If you are a fan of this series – either from starting in 1996 like I did, or just this new trilogy, this isn’t a game to miss. more tombs, better puzzles, in some ways this game actually feels more classic GTA 6 than the last too. Lara’s moveset feels better here, bringing back rappeling, ripe swinging, etc.
No game is perfect, but so far I have had no crashes (unless I was screwing with flipping between Driectx 11 and 12 or something, which crashed the game…and I can’t really blame it), but no crashes in normal gameplay, no glitches I can think of. Any negatives I have are just nit-picks, and as a whole the game feels more solid than the last two (Rise was awful for me until months of patching, I have had no memory leaks in this game).

NBA 2k19 Mobile GUIDE!

The last NBA 2K i played was 2015. Quite a lot has changed for the better since then. Solid single player experience so far – not interested in online so I can’t comment there. Enjoying myself and there’s a lot of content and solid progression.

NBA 2k19¬†¬†is truly excellent. Apart from the early launch bugs it provides an excellent MyCareer playmode with a much improved story. Of course there are some cheaters, but how is that different to any other game – the Park is also not the main part of the game so there are a lot of other modes to play on.¬†People hating on this game, but on a real, i have not come across 1 cheater, there a minor bugs but that can be expected as the game just came out, my career is much better then last year, cut scenes can be skipped. Obviously there are a few negative things about the game, for instance, the price on equiptment is a bit ridiculous, and the neighbourhood can get quite dead at times. But all around a decent game. Now many people are waiting for the iOS and Android release of NBA 2k19… well, it’s actually already launched. This guy on youtube found it here:¬†How to get NBA 2k19 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

Do not buy this game watching Steam Reviews. People here are mostly bunch of Idiots who have never played any NBA 2K Series or just returned to the franchise after 5 to 3 years later complaining how bad the game is or playing on a average PC and saying it has bugs lags etc. Avoid the idiots go to You Tube and see the reviews from the people who actually has some knowledge based on this game. This game is 5 times better than 2k18 in every aspect. Total value for money. MyCareer is awesome with a very interesting storyline better than even 2K17.Smooth Gameplay and some minimal glitches that wont effect your game.

How to get yourself those awesome skins in fortnite!

Then there’s the training. In the original Fortnite, there was also training. It took a hell of a lot longer to train someone, but there were only 3 certifications. And you only had to train doctors. Once you had a Consultant (Max Skill) with Psychiatry, Surgeon, and Research certifications, you could train all of your doctors to do everything with one person. You were only limited by the size of your training room.

Not here. No, no. In TPH, you must train everyone in your hospital, nurses and janitors included. Over and over and over. And you can never train any one person to be able to handle anything, because they all have several slots to learn skills but not enough slots to learn even half of them. And they have to be trained in order to be promoted. And if you dont promote them they will eventually rage quit. I thought the queue of personnel waiting to be trained was ridiculous until I ran into the next problem, which broke the game for me. Now if you are wanting those dope skins in fortnite make sure to WATCH this video! how to get free skins in fortnite

So even if you can deal with I’ve described so far, and admittedly I was able to, here’s what else the game will do to you. I’m the type that will run up a debt before I even unpause the game to prebuild as much hospital as is possible without ending up bankrupt. It’s a fine line that I enjoy walking at the beginning of a mission. It was a great strategy in Fortnitel but after a few missions in TPH, it all went wrong.

On the final mission before just throwing my hands up in the air and giving up the game in disgust, I spent probably 2.5 hours prebuilding my hospital. I filled 3 entire wings with everything I could build, hired the best doctors possible, and started training them immediately upon unpausing the game. The entire hospital was well decorated, very prestigious, and properly heated. And then they came.

Should you buy Spider-Man for playstation 4?

Spider-Man by Marvel¬†is one of the most disappointing things I have ever played. Below are my gripes with the game, if I don’t mention a certain aspect there consider it not worthy of being in the bad list but honestly not good either. There are really no glaring positives to me what so ever with this game.


You can actually not have to purchase the game…. watch this youtube clip and it will explain it:¬†How To Get Spider-Man for free

* Constantly interrupted hunting and gameplay
* Exploration doesn’t feel encourage or rewarding rendering the world itself useless and uninviting
* Consolized highlights of objectives instead of taking the time to have the graphic fidelity to differentiate the clues from the environment and make us actually discover them on our own (increasing reward partially solving point 2)
* Graphics are sub-par in general I really don’t get the praise on this aspect
* Mouse controls are simply a ported joystick negating what makes a mouse an actual mouse
* Key rebinding are incredibly limited if you are someone who may use different control preferences than everyone else
* Lack of party scaling
* Party system is atrocious and is constantly gated by cutscenes (i have been told the cutscene gate is solved later in the game but its unnecessary at all)
* It is impossible for skills to outweigh gear (i consider this a negative simply for a playstyle eliminated, a game developer should never eliminate playstyles from a game simply because they want to, its about the recipient not the creator)
* AI Runs constantly therefore wasting a players time, I play this game to have fun and stop baddies not chase it
* In general the game isn’t rewarding nor provides you incentive to play, I haven’t had this feeling since Dark Souls II (not saying MHW and DS are similar in anyway just saying I haven’t felt this lack of reward in a game since my first DS II experience which was about 2-3 years ago)
* Lack of quality of life in general
* A tutorial/introduction that makes the player feel empowered and knowledgable when in reality the player is not, they should have fleshed out the introduction or just let it be and let the player figure it out
* Lack of combat depth (or at least it seems, maybe I am the cause of this not really sure honestly)

I really had high hopes for this game, I have been pumped and waiting for around a year and to have 0 PC benefit after a 7 month delay and just a game that lacks depth, polish, and incentive is just incredibly disappointing.

Are free fortnite skins possible?

Today someone just released a special method on how they are getting free skins on Fortnite Battle Royale. It seems to be a working method, as it very positive comments and a high like to dislike ratio. The guy who owns the channel says that this what he did to get all of his rare skins on the account. He uploaded a video today showing how you can the skull trooper skin for free here: How To Get Skull Trooper Skin

If you don’t know what Fortnite is, many people are paying thousands of dollars for these accounts. I would recommend you try this method! Oh and if you want to play fortnite, here is my review for september 2018.

I want to state that this game is good. The keyboard controls are fine and can be changed to ones taste.(for all those who complain that the keyboard sucks). Most reviews are trash as they focus to much on d/c and other minor issues.
But now the game is going through some updates and I can say how the game feels now.

Fortnite has been one of the best multiplayer games to play with my friends. Never used the ingame talk feature but like many others Iv used other chat programs which is fine. As a entry to the new map machanic and some changes to combat. and quality of life changes that made the game better. I look forward to the content coming to us and even a sequal.

now what i can say where i have my gripes is the cheaters who can 2 shot a player and the hard RNG behind decorations and last the co-op in the early game due to cutscenes(really annoying)
with that said if u want to play a game that gives a good sense of satisfaction. this is one!

Monster Hunter World – The Steam Review + Key Code Giveaway!

I absolutely recomend this game, not necesarilly for the story, which is GOOD (bit cheesy and cliche), but for the gorgeous graphics, amazing gameplay, sweet characters, rich and full world, extremely epic boss battles, plethora of adorable side quests that flesh out the world, deep dungeon delving, vibrant towns to explore, large but manuverable overworld to explore, and amazingly fun upgrade system through the city building. Very much worth the full price. Now that we know what the dlc/season pass entails I am even more excited! Enjoy the game!

It’s a little rough around the edges in a lot of places but it’s not necessarily a bad game. There should definitely be an option in between do and don’t recommend this game. Cause that’s where I think I’m truly at with Monster Hunter World. It’s opening tutorial is a train-wreck and leaves you basically learning everything on your own. You’re told once how to do things, so hopefully you remember since there is no in-game log of the tutorial screens it shows you. Also, once it introduces skills it doesn’t go into detail about what weapons they can be used with so if you find your Zing meter (when in combat) at 100% and remember hearing that that’s the best time to use this skill because of the combat boost, you better hope your using the right weapon. Otherwise you’re going to get trashed by your enemy while your character stands there looking as confused as you are! Now if you need a free key code check this youtube video:¬†How to get Monster Hunter World FREE Key Code

Also a little nit-picky thing. Gameplay damage and cutscene damage are worlds apart. This isn’t super important but it’s super jarring to have fired 30 or 40 rounds of my gun into this boss and done about 10% damage to him, then immediately have a cutscene where I shoot literally 1 bullet and all of a sudden it anihilates this guy and he topples over falling off a cliff. I’m fine with attacks having more realism in cutscenes, but this is over the top. They basically turned guns into glorified spit-ball launchers unless you’re watching a cutscene.

Fortnite at School

While most people might have given up at this point, I decided that if my buddies were getting enjoyment out of Fortnite then damnit so was I. I continued bouncing around the galaxy, searching out small troves of treasure, and fighting any bounties I could. I earned up 500k units ( a pitiful amount in game, but substantial for me) and another 500k in trade goods. With this I finally decided I had enough to get out of my little starter ship and maybe finally getting to do something besides survival and inventory management. Luckily I have been able to download fortnite at school completely free with this youtube tut: download fortnite at school

I jumped to a new system as the one I had been in had no space station, and no trade outposts. As I jumped in, I got giddy with excitement. A fleet of freighters was under attack nearby. Both of my close friends playing had been given their own space base freighter from such an incursion and I quickly jumped into the fray ecstatic that I was finally going to be making some real progress. I engaged the enemy vastly outnumbered. I had to fight tooth and nail in my little starter ship to bring down the full squad of 6 enemy pilots I suddenly found firing at me. In the end, I pulled a narrow victory with but a single pip of my health left to my ship, but the day was won.

Contacting the freighter fleet’s admiral, I was invited aboard his freighter to discuss rewards. Upon landing I was struck with a sickening sense of how good things were going. I panicked as leaving my ship, I noticed the game didn’t save the way it usually does. Apparently aboard freighters¬†Fortnite does not save leaving your ship. Oh well I thought, nothing for it. I made my way up from the hangar and onto the command bridge. I marched confidently towards the fleet admiral, happy and proud of my little POS starter for all it had achieved. And then…. I FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR. I tried to make my way back up but the game had simply dropped me into open space….. A few seconds later my vitals went ballistic and I was treated to the sudden message of “Killed by cosmic rays”. The game respawned me at the nearest station stating I failed the fleet mission and the quest to get my freighter was gone….. In addition the 500k in trade goods I had stocked for a new ship were also now drifting forever through space….. I wanted to break down and cry.

I get that you guys wanted to make this game grand, and epic, and exciting.

Mobile Gaming… Lol? No, they’re actually fun now!!

When people mention games for mobile devices, gamers will always laugh, I have been one to do that too, but recently the mobile industry have been killing it with great releases that include movie titles to get people into these games… I’m talking harry potter, marvel & star wars….. Yes the big titles! Here is my review of them:

MARVEL Contest of Champions

These games holds up so well today, I played it day one on iOS¬†but I had to have it again on¬†Android as it’s a great addition to my library. It’s a great port and a fantastic remaster, the game is tough but fair and very rewarding especially if you are chasing down gems and time trials. All 3 games are different in their own way and always have something new for you to play, I highly recommend.¬†My only complaints for this Marvel¬†are the music missing a couple key elements to faithfully recreate the emotions of the original soundtrack (but some tracks have been improved so no sweat really), and the pill shaped hitbox causing a few unfair deaths. Overall though, the first 3 games of an amazing franchise for free on a mobile device? Who wouldn’t! Well to be honest with you all, the game is really pay 2 win… which sucks but you can use free generators to get past that, I watched this youtube video: marvel coc hack

Star Wars‚ĄĘ: Galaxy of Heroes

Honestly, great game, love playing it and worth the money. Game overall receives, from me, a solid 8/10. Only thing holding it back from it’s potential are the crappy servers. Love the constant updates and the active owners!¬†After long 4 years of early access… i was kinda skeptical about the future of the game and if the final result would be worth it (they made some controversial patches in early acess, so that helped my skepticism), but…

After 4 years, i think it was worth the wait. Not gonna lie that i’m not¬†that big of a fan of star wars,¬†but i know that gamedev is hard and i can see they dedicated their life into this game to make it worth the wait.

The game is good looking, the gameplay is solid, music is nice. As a Clash Roayle fan, i miss some elements of the CR series. They decided to do a more realistic approach to this game instead which included many of the galaxies, heroes, characters and story lines of the star wars series! Again with this game, you will need crystals in order to have fun, check this video out: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

If you like games with choices, and where the choices actually matter, you will like this one, or you’re just a huge harry potter fan!

Don’t have the key to that wooden door? Well, you could lock-pick it. Or burn it down. Or slap it with a sword for a while. Are you disrespectful while talking to someone who doesn’t like you? Well, you’d better either change their mind, or prepare for a fight. Or… run away. That’s also an option.
Now, none of this touches on the combat, which I will without a doubt call the most interesting turn-based combat I’ve seen. When I saw the game, I was a little sceptic about having turn-based combat in an adventure rpg, but this amount of strategic choises just would not work if it was real time, and I find it way more fun when compared to more basic action combat.
Also, while the combat is turn-based, the exploring and sneaking is completely real time, including when you have your hands in someone elses pockets. I highly recommend you watch this video too, it will get you get free gems for harry potter on the ios and android devices, watch it here: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

Fortnite – Still worth playing in June 2018?

DO yourself a favor by stopping right here. There is no need to read the 13k plus reveiws currently for this game. I will save you the trouble. If you like Fortnite, but HATE THE BUILDING ( Ya know the guy that builds New York City in 2.5 seconds when a bullet grazes his toe) and if you like PUBG, but hate the toxic gameplay (Ya know the campers and the running 32.5 miles only to get sniped from 8000 miles away) then you NEED this game. To me it takes the best of both. Casual and easy to pick up and skill and shooter based. What will win you fights is knowing how and when to peak and use your abilities. DO NOT listen to the negative reviews that criticize the latest patch (which is already fixed and even BETTER then before).

This game is an ALPHA game. They are still tweaking, adding guns, smoothing the map out, etc. What you NEED to know is this. The core gameplay is the most fun I’ve EVER had with a BR game. I played Fortnite from very early on and it was fun, but now you cannot win a game unless you can spin your mouse 360 degrees in .000004 seconds and build 4 walls and a ramp, edit it and repeat. It’s not fun. It’s not even about shooting anymore! As Ninja, Shroud, TIM, and many other streamers have said about this game, “It is refreshing.” Get the game, It’s FREEEE. You won’t be sad. I think Fortnite is still worth playing even if you don’t enjoy it that much, I really only enjoy the skins (that I get for free btw)…. heres how:¬†free fortnite skins

It actually does work… I can confirm. Give the video a watch a let me know how you go!

Fortnite on the Xbox 360? Yes you CAN!

So I have been playing fortnite on the xbox 360 for a bit, it’s awesome. Normally it’s not allowed because it can’t but i found a way to get it working:

My Fortnite XBox 360 Review:

After their LOVELY changes to the entire forging and loot system a few days ago…

The game went to utter and absolute crap. It is no longer the same game the majority of the playerbase was hooked into.

Previously, you were able to forge your legendary weapons if you managed to kill a player and nab their chicken trophy as a “reward method” for being aggressive in the game.

Speaking of forging, isn’t it time to change the steam store page? Cause you know…¬†You can’t forge legendaries¬†in fortnite anymore

Loot: 100% RNG. You could get a common Poison(Venom) Pistol or your legendary weapon in the first 5 seconds of dropping in anywhere. Why was that… Why is that even a thing?

Hi-Rez is notoriously known for having incompetent higher-ups in their gaming studio that make the executive decisions while pretending to know exactly what they’re doing. They. Don’t. Listen. The devs most certainly listen to the players, but they don’t call the shots.


They had a perfectly good test server for you know, TESTING. But they pretty much gone and went “Screw it, let’s go live while a solid majority of the test server players are completely against this new patch!”

For the people who haven’t seen the newest update yet: This sums up your early game.

What an absolute joke lol.

While people may argue that this is alpha, meant for testing… why in god’s name are they going to start charging microtransactions in bloody ALPHA? Fix your game first. I hope they keep their promises on monday before they somehow make what’s left of their great start worse.