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My Dark Souls Remastered Review

This was the first Souls game I have played, it will not be the last. All I heard was how difficult the Souls series is, it did not disapoint. Very challenging at first but once you start get used to the controls and feel of the game and it begins to feel easier, that is […]

Get your FREE Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Key!

There’s a ton of negatives to be said about the game and even moreso now that PA has been making super questionable class changes. Everyone, including myself, who plays the game is full of complaints after half of the patches. Gear progression especially past softcap is a rage enducing process that pretty much no one […]

Hyrule Warriors is it worth a buy? Or just get it for free like me!

This is an absolute must play for fans of survival games now. Earlier in early access this was a total shotshow, But this game has completely turned around to what i think might very well be the best survival game of this type right now. My game time so far isn’t too long but i […]

A Gamers Review of Minecraft

  What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a computer game that focuses your time on a few simple activities; mining, crafting, and surviving. You must mine specific materials in order to craft them into tools items to help you survive. The game is centered in a completely random world that is (for learning purposes) infinite in […]

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

The controls are laggy, taking what feels like seconds to register whatever you want it to do. The UI is bad, health is in the bottom left corner and the map is too zoomed in to be useful, also at times you’re dependant on the map, staring at that same corner most of the game. […]

My Battletech Review (2018)

I’m having a blast with this game. Played Tabletop Battletech since the 80’s and this takes me back. So much fun. I’ve only been playing the campaign but so far it is great and a tad unforgiving, which is good, because it rewards you for your successess and is unforgiving when you fail. Some folks […]

God of War PS4 Review + Playing it for FREE!

I would consider God of War to be one of the better games of it’s series, not only because of it’s stellar mechanics and excellent gunplay, but because of a nice story that puts the main character, Jason, with who he is as a person and who he desires to be. To start off, the gunplay […]

Fortnite…. is this game changing the gaming industry?

I love the concept of a semi-realistic battle royale but fortnite misses the mark in spectacular fasion. Firstly, (you live in a hole if you haven’t heard), this game has had some pretty chronic illnesses with hackers, as 10% of the total purchases of this game have been banned. Who knows how many hackers haven’t been banned… […]

PUBG in a nutshell…

Woah, what’s that? Did you hear that? Could it be a Kar98k? Or a M24? Nope. That’s just a guy with a S12K shooting you from the town over. You sit in awe and mash the button to watch the death cam. There it is. You see ‘Xiaomeng27371’ kill you from across Erangel. You tremble […]

Sims 4 Review

if i could import playtime hours from other consoles, i’d probably be in the thousands. that being said, the console (specifically XBox) has a horrific game breaking bug so im glad i made the switch to PC ahhh, the Sims. the love of my life and the bane of my existence. ive sunk nearly 700 […]