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My Kingdom Come Deliverance REVIEW!

Kingdom Come Deliverance is not for everyone, to be more specific if you are looking for a historically accurate and realistically immersive game this is for you. Henry, our MC is not some unstoppable beast of a man from any other action game, he’s a normal guy and the game does a great job of […]

PUBG in a nutshell…

Woah, what’s that? Did you hear that? Could it be a Kar98k? Or a M24? Nope. That’s just a guy with a S12K shooting you from the town over. You sit in awe and mash the button to watch the death cam. There it is. You see ‘Xiaomeng27371’ kill you from across Erangel. You tremble […]

Sims 4 Review

if i could import playtime hours from other consoles, i’d probably be in the thousands. that being said, the console (specifically XBox) has a horrific game breaking bug so im glad i made the switch to PC ahhh, the Sims. the love of my life and the bane of my existence. ive sunk nearly 700 […]

Natural Body Remedies for Skin, Hair & Feet that Men and Women Can Use

  Facial, Skin and Hair Remedies for Men and Women! It’s been a while since I last wrote an article concerning face care remedies and it’s because I’ve been testing the waters of the newest and latest remedies this past year and I’ve found some pretty good combinations. I’ve also tested quite a few new […]

Citrus Fruits for Eczema?

Oranges not only taste good but they’re good for your skin. The aromatic qualities are energizing and are a great way to wake up your tired body. But why stop there? Many skin and aromatherapy experts agree on the benefits of incorporating citrus based products into your daily skin routine which may help with skin […]

Step-Up Your Beauty Routine With Our Recommendations

Whether you have caterpillar brows or do not need to spend lots of money in your beauty routine, this informative article offers fantastic suggestions how to handle all those beauty problems. Additionally, it will simply show you how to amp up your everyday elegance schedule to possess you hunting and experiencing your very best. If […]

How To Kill Head Lice Eggs

One of the most common problems amongst children is infestation of lice. Those who are most likely to have a head lice infestation are kids between three to ten years of age. However, one major problem is that this kind of infestation can start from one kid but spread to another. It can also be […]

How To Boost Your Skin With A Calming Facial Massage!

Just as our body needs a thorough massage at regular intervals, to relax and boost the glow on our skin, our face has the same needs. In fact, it is held that the right massage technique will only accentuate the glow and health of your face! But if there is still room for speculation, let’s […]

Osteoporosis Information:

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, leading to fragile, brittle bones that are more susceptible to fractures and breaks. The disease overwhelmingly affects women over the age of 55, who make up about 80% of osteoporosis patients, but it also occurs in men and can occur at […]