Head Ball 2 Review

Head Ball 2 is a game that is meant for people who like survival and multiplayer. Head Ball 2 is best known for graphics and quality lighting and shading, if u do not have an good computer i would suggest you get a better one and buy the game

Fun game for those looking for extreme challenge of survival of the fittest. Unless you are a hacker who cheats all of the materials. Or if you are a door or tower camper, then you can all go find a real job/hobby to do instead of ruining peoples day of relaxation from work. Overall, great game. Graphics are beautiful. The only real complaint I have for this game is just the overall cost. I do realize that the game is not all that old. Hopefully, the price gets reduced in the future for newer players on a budget. Now I have been using this youtube guide to get free gold in-game here: head ball 2 hack

Don’t waste your life on this game! I spent more than six hours trying to get in to this stupid game and it didnt even work!!!!!!!! I created my own server and it kicked me out and i lost everythin everytime for about 5 times! Honestly, i think that this game sucks!!!! Don’t bother getting this crap game!!! Good job devs you really failed at making this piece of crap game