NBA 2k19 – Is the mobile version ready?

Another year, another mess. Every year it seems like 2k will make a minor tweak, or add a neat little feature, while also destroying a mechanic of the game. It’s been 2 years since you could actually make a contested layup. The main complaits this year from me would be :
1) AI can steal the ball too often with little draw back.
2) All blocks on your side are instantly rebounded by the AI and will either get an And 1, or a bucket
3) In MyCareer its impossible to have a good teamgrade. You can make 8 straight shots and barely go up 1/3 of a letter grade, while a silly turnover will send you down almost an entire letter grade.
4) And as always, the PC version of the game makes it impossible to enjoy any online features due to rampant cheating.

Now what I will be waiting for is the Mobile release of NBA 2k19 and well it should be coming soon. I found a channel on youtube that actually has the game download ready. Check it out here: Download NBA 2k19 for iOS and Android APK

If you like MyLeague and single player MyCareer then I say just play last years as there isn’t much of an increase in new features to warrant another 60 dollars into 2k’s pockets.

2K has ruined it this year, hackers online means that you’ll face opponents who don’t miss and have superteam because of microtranscations. MICROTRANSCATIONS are in ALL PARTS OF THIS GAME!!!!! you cannot do anything without getting at least 75k VC. I made two different MyCareer players and at hall of fame difficulty GOOD LUCK doing anything. I maxed them both out, 30 pounds…EACH, JUST TO SEE HOW I COULD IMPROVE BUT I DIDN’T.