GTA 5 iOS and Android 2018 Review

I have not, nor will I ever, play the multiplayer.

Can be a pretty fun game. The mechanics are spot on, and the visuals are beautiful.
The world is vibrant and active. The sandbox map is massive with tons to explore.
I wish more buildings could be entered, however. When you start to realize most of them are just empty set-dressing, the world seems more hollow and artifical, breaking immersion.

The main characters can be quite unlikable at times.
Franklin, the well-meaning but ultimately stupid thug-lite.
Michael, the self-absorbed WASP who moans about his life while sitting in his mansion.
Trevor, the “LOL SO RANDUMB” 4.chan washout psychopath wanna-be that only appeals to kids under the age of twelve. Less of a character and more of a walking cringe factory.

Played over 900 hours on┬ágta 5 mobile and enjoyed just messing about with mates or helping them with missions and such however went to load it the other day and it would not load due to there being an error with social club it said it failed to load due to and update i think and i am not sure how to fix it at all so i have unistalled the game for now if anyone has had the same issue or know how to fix it please let me know ­čÖé Oh and watch the video to get it for free:

Seriously, I like the game, but hate having to play these three. I wish there were better choices.