iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered Guide

Despite the iOS 12 releasing today, there has already been an exploit to get cydia on that new running OS system. I found the guide here completely for free: iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered

Anyway, despite that the general sense of adventure and exploration is still strong and for me stronger than rise/2013 and this is mostly a merit to the art team. The Tombs and assorted structures youll be visiting are truly awe inspiring this time around.
South American settings are a personal favorite and the feeling that the world is doomed is a great atmosphere for a final game.

Story wise I think there are definitely some interesting pieces but it all flows in a predicted manner, and has the same story beats and progression as the last 2 games. Again this barely saved by the visuals whether its seeing the cataclysms wrought by Lara first hand or the stellar design of some characters (a certain red badass lady) and the end game setting. As per usual with modern games though interesting bits are tucked away in notes which were never a good game design, lara will narrate them but not while you continue playing (really guys System Shock 1 did this right way back in 1994, if you are going to do lore dumps have them narrate during play).
iOS 12 brings new enjoyment to the gaming side of the iphone devices!
So all in all I enjoyed it, same as I enjoyed rise and 2013, but in a years time Ill look back and still be disappointed with what they turned my beloved character and series into. I’m glad the trilogy is over and I really wonder what will happen next. If we will get another radical change as has been the (unintentional) tradition of the series every few games.

Also smiling Lara is a goofy goober in photo mode and it gives me life.