Galaxy Skin Guide Fortnite

700+ Hours so far and I still suck at fortnite…. surprising casual players when I say it but I still love this game and always play it on my off time or when people aren’t on. The skill cap is really high so the game is always improving with new mechanics being discovered. The game doesn’t require people to pay money to enjoy it either you can still get stuff just for playing the game enough and trading towards it if you really want to. 5 stars for me

A shining example of a small studio with a sleeper hit going the big boys’ path to money grabbing by all means necessary. It is a shame that in a few decades the gaming industry went from free skins to micro transactions, to changing money for the possibility to give you the thing that you want. “It is only visual” may apply for the most decals, rims and so on, but they are aimed at making you pay in order to also have such nice goal explosion, animated body paint, flashy rims etc. Then we have all the new cars, which look and feel different. Whit Psyonix not bothering to show any actual hit boxes or official stats, only blind trust holds their statement of “not selling power”. Well you should definitely follow tutorials on youtube on getting free skins to save money. Here’s a working one I found for fortnite: How to get Galaxy Skin

The new season pass creates a nice new twist. You buy a pass and they have to play matches in order to unlock items from the season’s item list. Therefore, you ought to both pay and play hours in order to obtain the locked items. At least you know beforehand which items to expect. However, if you do not buy the pass, you can still play hours and unlock something. Yes, this something is among the most boring, uninspired items nobody would care/pay for if there were micro transactions.

On a technical note, the servers in Europe (Sept 2018) are ok. There are occasional WTF moments when the you could sworn you are about to hit the ball only to see it fly by or to pause midair in a momentary physics/server panic, or to have lag spikes and Saudi players with three digit pings in competitive games, but this is Rocket League. Forget matchmaking issues. The server issues persist through the years, but that is ok. We are here to sell loot boxes and do cross platform marketing.