How to play Grand Theft Auto 6

This is my favorite GTA 6 so far. I still have quite a ways to go to finish the game, so the second half half could still let me down. But so far:

– Better story for me personally, compared to the last two games, by far. Lara has personality in this one. I liked the last two, but Lara was kind of…empty feeling to me, as in I didn’t care about the story, and just enjoyed the gameplay. In this game, I actually pay attention to the story, I like Lara having a RANGE of emotions, and I just feel more involved in this one.

– Graphics are amazing, depending on how powerful your PC is. With a 1080ti, I play the game at Ultra settings and HDR enabled. In 4k, I sit pretty steady around 50 FPS. It looks incredible. Different art style than Rise, but after a while I feel this game does look better in some way, but essentially equal (based on Ultra settings). I actually drop the game down to 1440p however, as that lets me hit 80+ FPS with Ultra settings+HDR, and honestly I can barely tell a differencce in this game going between 1440p and 4k ( noticed a bigger difference in those resolutions in Rise – but it may be down to opinion). To note, I also play this on a laption that uses a regular GTX1080, and it runs well on 1440p with that card as well, but I had to drop AA down a bit to reach closer to 60 FPS. The 1080ti gives me 20-40 FPS difference. I also use Tobii Eye tracking on the laptop, and that works perfectly fine. You can also play the ios and android version here: GTA 6 Beta Download FREE 🔥 iOS/Android APK Grand Theft Auto 6 BETA Download!

– Overall, this is my favorite GTA 6 game to date, and I hope they add or I can unlock playing the mansion, which honestly every TR game should have. It may be a nit-pick, but the franchise usually has the mansion to explore, and I really notice when it’s not there. If you are a fan of this series – either from starting in 1996 like I did, or just this new trilogy, this isn’t a game to miss. more tombs, better puzzles, in some ways this game actually feels more classic GTA 6 than the last too. Lara’s moveset feels better here, bringing back rappeling, ripe swinging, etc.
No game is perfect, but so far I have had no crashes (unless I was screwing with flipping between Driectx 11 and 12 or something, which crashed the game…and I can’t really blame it), but no crashes in normal gameplay, no glitches I can think of. Any negatives I have are just nit-picks, and as a whole the game feels more solid than the last two (Rise was awful for me until months of patching, I have had no memory leaks in this game).