NBA 2k19 Mobile GUIDE!

The last NBA 2K i played was 2015. Quite a lot has changed for the better since then. Solid single player experience so far – not interested in online so I can’t comment there. Enjoying myself and there’s a lot of content and solid progression.

NBA 2k19  is truly excellent. Apart from the early launch bugs it provides an excellent MyCareer playmode with a much improved story. Of course there are some cheaters, but how is that different to any other game – the Park is also not the main part of the game so there are a lot of other modes to play on. People hating on this game, but on a real, i have not come across 1 cheater, there a minor bugs but that can be expected as the game just came out, my career is much better then last year, cut scenes can be skipped. Obviously there are a few negative things about the game, for instance, the price on equiptment is a bit ridiculous, and the neighbourhood can get quite dead at times. But all around a decent game. Now many people are waiting for the iOS and Android release of NBA 2k19… well, it’s actually already launched. This guy on youtube found it here: How to get NBA 2k19 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

Do not buy this game watching Steam Reviews. People here are mostly bunch of Idiots who have never played any NBA 2K Series or just returned to the franchise after 5 to 3 years later complaining how bad the game is or playing on a average PC and saying it has bugs lags etc. Avoid the idiots go to You Tube and see the reviews from the people who actually has some knowledge based on this game. This game is 5 times better than 2k18 in every aspect. Total value for money. MyCareer is awesome with a very interesting storyline better than even 2K17.Smooth Gameplay and some minimal glitches that wont effect your game.