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Then there’s the training. In the original Fortnite, there was also training. It took a hell of a lot longer to train someone, but there were only 3 certifications. And you only had to train doctors. Once you had a Consultant (Max Skill) with Psychiatry, Surgeon, and Research certifications, you could train all of your doctors to do everything with one person. You were only limited by the size of your training room.

Not here. No, no. In TPH, you must train everyone in your hospital, nurses and janitors included. Over and over and over. And you can never train any one person to be able to handle anything, because they all have several slots to learn skills but not enough slots to learn even half of them. And they have to be trained in order to be promoted. And if you dont promote them they will eventually rage quit. I thought the queue of personnel waiting to be trained was ridiculous until I ran into the next problem, which broke the game for me. Now if you are wanting those dope skins in fortnite make sure to WATCH this video! how to get free skins in fortnite

So even if you can deal with I’ve described so far, and admittedly I was able to, here’s what else the game will do to you. I’m the type that will run up a debt before I even unpause the game to prebuild as much hospital as is possible without ending up bankrupt. It’s a fine line that I enjoy walking at the beginning of a mission. It was a great strategy in Fortnitel but after a few missions in TPH, it all went wrong.

On the final mission before just throwing my hands up in the air and giving up the game in disgust, I spent probably 2.5 hours prebuilding my hospital. I filled 3 entire wings with everything I could build, hired the best doctors possible, and started training them immediately upon unpausing the game. The entire hospital was well decorated, very prestigious, and properly heated. And then they came.