Should you buy Spider-Man for playstation 4?

Spider-Man by Marvel is one of the most disappointing things I have ever played. Below are my gripes with the game, if I don’t mention a certain aspect there consider it not worthy of being in the bad list but honestly not good either. There are really no glaring positives to me what so ever with this game.


You can actually not have to purchase the game…. watch this youtube clip and it will explain it: How To Get Spider-Man for free

* Constantly interrupted hunting and gameplay
* Exploration doesn’t feel encourage or rewarding rendering the world itself useless and uninviting
* Consolized highlights of objectives instead of taking the time to have the graphic fidelity to differentiate the clues from the environment and make us actually discover them on our own (increasing reward partially solving point 2)
* Graphics are sub-par in general I really don’t get the praise on this aspect
* Mouse controls are simply a ported joystick negating what makes a mouse an actual mouse
* Key rebinding are incredibly limited if you are someone who may use different control preferences than everyone else
* Lack of party scaling
* Party system is atrocious and is constantly gated by cutscenes (i have been told the cutscene gate is solved later in the game but its unnecessary at all)
* It is impossible for skills to outweigh gear (i consider this a negative simply for a playstyle eliminated, a game developer should never eliminate playstyles from a game simply because they want to, its about the recipient not the creator)
* AI Runs constantly therefore wasting a players time, I play this game to have fun and stop baddies not chase it
* In general the game isn’t rewarding nor provides you incentive to play, I haven’t had this feeling since Dark Souls II (not saying MHW and DS are similar in anyway just saying I haven’t felt this lack of reward in a game since my first DS II experience which was about 2-3 years ago)
* Lack of quality of life in general
* A tutorial/introduction that makes the player feel empowered and knowledgable when in reality the player is not, they should have fleshed out the introduction or just let it be and let the player figure it out
* Lack of combat depth (or at least it seems, maybe I am the cause of this not really sure honestly)

I really had high hopes for this game, I have been pumped and waiting for around a year and to have 0 PC benefit after a 7 month delay and just a game that lacks depth, polish, and incentive is just incredibly disappointing.