Monster Hunter World – The Steam Review + Key Code Giveaway!

I absolutely recomend this game, not necesarilly for the story, which is GOOD (bit cheesy and cliche), but for the gorgeous graphics, amazing gameplay, sweet characters, rich and full world, extremely epic boss battles, plethora of adorable side quests that flesh out the world, deep dungeon delving, vibrant towns to explore, large but manuverable overworld to explore, and amazingly fun upgrade system through the city building. Very much worth the full price. Now that we know what the dlc/season pass entails I am even more excited! Enjoy the game!

It’s a little rough around the edges in a lot of places but it’s not necessarily a bad game. There should definitely be an option in between do and don’t recommend this game. Cause that’s where I think I’m truly at with Monster Hunter World. It’s opening tutorial is a train-wreck and leaves you basically learning everything on your own. You’re told once how to do things, so hopefully you remember since there is no in-game log of the tutorial screens it shows you. Also, once it introduces skills it doesn’t go into detail about what weapons they can be used with so if you find your Zing meter (when in combat) at 100% and remember hearing that that’s the best time to use this skill because of the combat boost, you better hope your using the right weapon. Otherwise you’re going to get trashed by your enemy while your character stands there looking as confused as you are! Now if you need a free key code check this youtube video:¬†How to get Monster Hunter World FREE Key Code

Also a little nit-picky thing. Gameplay damage and cutscene damage are worlds apart. This isn’t super important but it’s super jarring to have fired 30 or 40 rounds of my gun into this boss and done about 10% damage to him, then immediately have a cutscene where I shoot literally 1 bullet and all of a sudden it anihilates this guy and he topples over falling off a cliff. I’m fine with attacks having more realism in cutscenes, but this is over the top. They basically turned guns into glorified spit-ball launchers unless you’re watching a cutscene.