Fortnite at School

While most people might have given up at this point, I decided that if my buddies were getting enjoyment out of Fortnite then damnit so was I. I continued bouncing around the galaxy, searching out small troves of treasure, and fighting any bounties I could. I earned up 500k units ( a pitiful amount in game, but substantial for me) and another 500k in trade goods. With this I finally decided I had enough to get out of my little starter ship and maybe finally getting to do something besides survival and inventory management. Luckily I have been able to download fortnite at school completely free with this youtube tut: download fortnite at school

I jumped to a new system as the one I had been in had no space station, and no trade outposts. As I jumped in, I got giddy with excitement. A fleet of freighters was under attack nearby. Both of my close friends playing had been given their own space base freighter from such an incursion and I quickly jumped into the fray ecstatic that I was finally going to be making some real progress. I engaged the enemy vastly outnumbered. I had to fight tooth and nail in my little starter ship to bring down the full squad of 6 enemy pilots I suddenly found firing at me. In the end, I pulled a narrow victory with but a single pip of my health left to my ship, but the day was won.

Contacting the freighter fleet’s admiral, I was invited aboard his freighter to discuss rewards. Upon landing I was struck with a sickening sense of how good things were going. I panicked as leaving my ship, I noticed the game didn’t save the way it usually does. Apparently aboard freighters Fortnite does not save leaving your ship. Oh well I thought, nothing for it. I made my way up from the hangar and onto the command bridge. I marched confidently towards the fleet admiral, happy and proud of my little POS starter for all it had achieved. And then…. I FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR. I tried to make my way back up but the game had simply dropped me into open space….. A few seconds later my vitals went ballistic and I was treated to the sudden message of “Killed by cosmic rays”. The game respawned me at the nearest station stating I failed the fleet mission and the quest to get my freighter was gone….. In addition the 500k in trade goods I had stocked for a new ship were also now drifting forever through space….. I wanted to break down and cry.

I get that you guys wanted to make this game grand, and epic, and exciting.