Mobile Gaming… Lol? No, they’re actually fun now!!

When people mention games for mobile devices, gamers will always laugh, I have been one to do that too, but recently the mobile industry have been killing it with great releases that include movie titles to get people into these games… I’m talking harry potter, marvel & star wars….. Yes the big titles! Here is my review of them:

MARVEL Contest of Champions

These games holds up so well today, I played it day one on iOS but I had to have it again on Android as it’s a great addition to my library. It’s a great port and a fantastic remaster, the game is tough but fair and very rewarding especially if you are chasing down gems and time trials. All 3 games are different in their own way and always have something new for you to play, I highly recommend. My only complaints for this Marvel are the music missing a couple key elements to faithfully recreate the emotions of the original soundtrack (but some tracks have been improved so no sweat really), and the pill shaped hitbox causing a few unfair deaths. Overall though, the first 3 games of an amazing franchise for free on a mobile device? Who wouldn’t! Well to be honest with you all, the game is really pay 2 win… which sucks but you can use free generators to get past that, I watched this youtube video: marvel coc hack

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Honestly, great game, love playing it and worth the money. Game overall receives, from me, a solid 8/10. Only thing holding it back from it’s potential are the crappy servers. Love the constant updates and the active owners! After long 4 years of early access… i was kinda skeptical about the future of the game and if the final result would be worth it (they made some controversial patches in early acess, so that helped my skepticism), but…

After 4 years, i think it was worth the wait. Not gonna lie that i’m not that big of a fan of star wars, but i know that gamedev is hard and i can see they dedicated their life into this game to make it worth the wait.

The game is good looking, the gameplay is solid, music is nice. As a Clash Roayle fan, i miss some elements of the CR series. They decided to do a more realistic approach to this game instead which included many of the galaxies, heroes, characters and story lines of the star wars series! Again with this game, you will need crystals in order to have fun, check this video out: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

If you like games with choices, and where the choices actually matter, you will like this one, or you’re just a huge harry potter fan!

Don’t have the key to that wooden door? Well, you could lock-pick it. Or burn it down. Or slap it with a sword for a while. Are you disrespectful while talking to someone who doesn’t like you? Well, you’d better either change their mind, or prepare for a fight. Or… run away. That’s also an option.
Now, none of this touches on the combat, which I will without a doubt call the most interesting turn-based combat I’ve seen. When I saw the game, I was a little sceptic about having turn-based combat in an adventure rpg, but this amount of strategic choises just would not work if it was real time, and I find it way more fun when compared to more basic action combat.
Also, while the combat is turn-based, the exploring and sneaking is completely real time, including when you have your hands in someone elses pockets. I highly recommend you watch this video too, it will get you get free gems for harry potter on the ios and android devices, watch it here: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack