Fortnite – Still worth playing in June 2018?

DO yourself a favor by stopping right here. There is no need to read the 13k plus reveiws currently for this game. I will save you the trouble. If you like Fortnite, but HATE THE BUILDING ( Ya know the guy that builds New York City in 2.5 seconds when a bullet grazes his toe) and if you like PUBG, but hate the toxic gameplay (Ya know the campers and the running 32.5 miles only to get sniped from 8000 miles away) then you NEED this game. To me it takes the best of both. Casual and easy to pick up and skill and shooter based. What will win you fights is knowing how and when to peak and use your abilities. DO NOT listen to the negative reviews that criticize the latest patch (which is already fixed and even BETTER then before).

This game is an ALPHA game. They are still tweaking, adding guns, smoothing the map out, etc. What you NEED to know is this. The core gameplay is the most fun I’ve EVER had with a BR game. I played Fortnite from very early on and it was fun, but now you cannot win a game unless you can spin your mouse 360 degrees in .000004 seconds and build 4 walls and a ramp, edit it and repeat. It’s not fun. It’s not even about shooting anymore! As Ninja, Shroud, TIM, and many other streamers have said about this game, “It is refreshing.” Get the game, It’s FREEEE. You won’t be sad. I think Fortnite is still worth playing even if you don’t enjoy it that much, I really only enjoy the skins (that I get for free btw)…. heres how:¬†free fortnite skins

It actually does work… I can confirm. Give the video a watch a let me know how you go!