Fortnite on the Xbox 360? Yes you CAN!

So I have been playing fortnite on the xbox 360 for a bit, it’s awesome. Normally it’s not allowed because it can’t but i found a way to get it working:

My Fortnite XBox 360 Review:

After their LOVELY changes to the entire forging and loot system a few days ago…

The game went to utter and absolute crap. It is no longer the same game the majority of the playerbase was hooked into.

Previously, you were able to forge your legendary weapons if you managed to kill a player and nab their chicken trophy as a “reward method” for being aggressive in the game.

Speaking of forging, isn’t it time to change the steam store page? Cause you know… You can’t forge legendaries in fortnite anymore

Loot: 100% RNG. You could get a common Poison(Venom) Pistol or your legendary weapon in the first 5 seconds of dropping in anywhere. Why was that… Why is that even a thing?

Hi-Rez is notoriously known for having incompetent higher-ups in their gaming studio that make the executive decisions while pretending to know exactly what they’re doing. They. Don’t. Listen. The devs most certainly listen to the players, but they don’t call the shots.


They had a perfectly good test server for you know, TESTING. But they pretty much gone and went “Screw it, let’s go live while a solid majority of the test server players are completely against this new patch!”

For the people who haven’t seen the newest update yet: This sums up your early game.

What an absolute joke lol.

While people may argue that this is alpha, meant for testing… why in god’s name are they going to start charging microtransactions in bloody ALPHA? Fix your game first. I hope they keep their promises on monday before they somehow make what’s left of their great start worse.