The best skin in fortnite? Definitely the Love Ranger.

Who else has been loving Fortnite? We sure have. It’s just a great FREE game that anyone can play, so whats not to love? Well the cosmetic items cost real life money, however they don’t give you a competitive advantage over players so its fine ­čÖé But, we did find a video of a guy show you that can actually get it for free: love ranger free!

In the current state of the game, this is not worth playing. They released a patch despite the entire community knowing full well it was a bad idea and voicing it immediately.

I spent 5 hours tonight on my favorite class, waiting to play with my favorite weapon, but was completely unable to aquire it because of the new RNG strategy the Dev’s have employed. I only encountered about 3-4 legendary weapons in the entire play session in duos.

Instead of allowing you to craft the weapon that makes your class unique, you have to rely on extremely small drop percentages while everyone on the map is just hiding and looting and avoiding combat because there is no incentive to fight.

I’m so disappointed with this game and the way the Dev’s have addressed the community saying “give it the weekend and see how you like it” despite the OBVIOUS reason for outrage. It’s a shame to just assume that your community of established gamers are just plain wrong even though you can scroll through pages and pages of suggestions on Reddit that would have been far better ideas.

I hope Epic Games is listening, because Fortnite has the potential to be something great.