The Fallout 76 beta is out now! Here’s your chance to play!

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It’s all about the story… or the loot… or the companions.

Well, it’ definately about one of those things, or all of them. Since Fallout 76 is a single player game, you’re in control of the pace, and you can make the story your own. Want to be a good guy, defending the remaining innocence of the wasteland? Okay. Want to be a bad guy, robbing and murdering your way to riches? That’s fine, too. More often than not, though, you’ll discover that the NPC’s are also playing a role, too.

If you’re terrible at first-person shooters, fear not, because with Fallout 4 everybody scores a headshot in slow motion thanks to V.A.T.S. The game offers plenty of plat twists, constantly keeping you interested in both the main story and related (or more often, unrelated) side quests. DLC such as Nuka World and Far Harbor are virtually their own stand-alone worlds within Fallout 76 beta, and highly recommended.

This Game, man i dont even know where to start, Fallout 4 was the first game in the series that i played and didnt know anything going in. i just knew the internet was blowing up about it so i got it and played it on the ps4 first. i absolutely fell in love and played it non stop for weeks, months probably. The story of the game was great and really fit in with the world. I played every possible ending, collected all the rare legendaries, and still loved just roaming around in this new world, this wasteland and loved it. even the music that was 1950s and 60s was amazing. then dlc came out for the game and i really didnt like the wasteland workshop dlcs but the other 3 story ones were outstanding. i recommend this game to anyone that loves story rich gameplay and exploring a wasteland.