The best Fortnite Aimbot? Let’s test it!

Now to run this fornite hack, I was running a

PERF: r5 1600 Gtx 1060 3gb game isn’t best runner but I still get 80-140fps average so no reason to cry about perfomance unless you have a really bad PC in my opinion.
Hackers: Out of 300 hours of playing this game I have seen maybe 6 hackers. compared to CS:GO this is nothing. Just because someone is better then you at this game doesn’t make them a hacker….
Crates(Money Grab?): Yes they are putting a lot of dumb crates on this game but get the crate, sell it, make $? Just because you can spend money on crates doesn’t mean you need too?

All these are reasons for bad reviews but I don’t have any issues with this game. It is fun to play with friends and is really enjoyable to play.

I have a love hate relationship with this game. I still actively play and enjoy playing squads with my friends. i have had allot of issues with the game when i used wifi, that all ccleared up when i went lan. I have read allot of negative reviews of this game and the developers,but they have made big improvements since my first match. Cant wait to see what blue-hole have instore for us next. Yes this fortnite aimbot is insane but you have to use it carefully, you dont want to get caught by EPIC games!

Compared to PUBG – Cheaters, boring, overstretched gameplay (leading to frustrating deaths due to putting in over 20 minutes into walking around), development seems to be focused on making stupid made skins for a cash grab than actual gameplay. For a $30 game, this amount of microtransactions, especially considering they were brought into the game before promised (still during early access). Despite my numerous hours in this game, I would not recommend buying PUBG, so just download fortnite and start using this hacks: fortnite aimbot

Just an abysmall experience from start to finish. You spend 15 minutes getting gear and then get sniped to death from a mile away by a guy who is hiding or if you want to make it to end game and win you just get gear for the first five minutes and then hide until the final 5 or players are left and then try and pick them off. It’s just a dumb game and a terrible gaming concept.