My Dark Souls Remastered Review

This was the first Souls game I have played, it will not be the last. All I heard was how difficult the Souls series is, it did not disapoint. Very challenging at first but once you start get used to the controls and feel of the game and it begins to feel easier, that is when they challenge you. The boss fights are unquie and unforgiving. The enviroment and atomsphere of the game is chilling but also aw inspiring. The story catches your intrest in the VERY thorough lore of the world. I am excited to see what the rest of the series holds, and regreting not giving these games a chance sooner. It took roughly 28 hours (In game) to beat the game and around 29 hours to beat all bosses. In short I really enjoyed myself, I found it hard to put it down as after every death I wanted to try again.

Overall a very well polished game. The world design is mostly very good and has many hidden things throughout with a lot to explore if you look. The combat feels very fluent and fair. The game is challenging and very enjoyable at almost all points of the game. The additional bosses are also very fun and worth doing before you finish the game. You can actaully get dark souls remastered for free:

One of the main things I feel that let me down a little with this game was boss design. A lot of bosses felt like different textured and sized versions of the same boss. This is mainly because I felt that the lack of boss mechanics made them all feel way to similar. I also found multiplayer sometimes laggy for both pvp and pve. Some fights in the game just feel stupid, especially enemies with lots of wide arcing swings that attack continuously. Although this is hard it doesn’t feel like a “fun” fight. In terms of collecting weapons/gear most things i picked up were worse than what I had. i played most of the game using starting gear as the stats were worse on other gear.

Despite the large amount of negatives I felt they were really the only things holding it back 1 or 2 points. I’d recommend this game to someone who has never played a souls game before or if they have.

8.5/10 would recommend!