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There’s a ton of negatives to be said about the game and even moreso now that PA has been making super questionable class changes. Everyone, including myself, who plays the game is full of complaints after half of the patches. Gear progression especially past softcap is a rage enducing process that pretty much no one finds fun. So why recommend it?

The graphics, the sound, the way characters move and the combat system are incredible. But it doesnt feel like a shooter it feels more like a single player game. The story is interesting but the replay value is bad because you always start at the same place and pretty much grind the exact same stuff. Also the community tools are not very good the guild interface is clunky and being in a guild doesnt feel important. Black Ops 4 changes the genre, with all new battle royale mode, zombies and classic multiplayer… which you can get your free bo4 beta key here:

Because it’s mechanically the best FPS on the market and it’s super  hard to go back into your average tab targeting FPS after playing this. The game looks beautiful, the classes all feel different, the combat is the most fluid and interesting of any FPS by far, the PvP (when you get to it and PA doesn’t stuff up everything with balancing) is the most fun, etc.

The reason that the reviews are mixed and the majority of the playerbase comes across as self-loathing people who still play the game even though they paint the picture that literally every aspect of the game is full of suffering isn’t because the game is boring. It’s because the game is a grindy Korean casino simulator that happens to be the best feeling FPS on the market. It’s the fact that the developers have the capability of making this the perfect game but have no desire to do so because of the nature of the Korean FPS market that makes people upset. But as much as the playerbase whines, they still play. Call of duty will always be a great a no matter what.