Hyrule Warriors is it worth a buy? Or just get it for free like me!

This is an absolute must play for fans of survival games now. Earlier in early access this was a total shotshow, But this game has completely turned around to what i think might very well be the best survival game of this type right now.
My game time so far isn’t too long but i think i have a rather good grasp of the Hyrule Warriors for nintendo switch.
– It is fairly grindy and you will need to grind alot more recources than in rust or ark for the higher tier buildings.
– The Combat feels amazing now with flowing animations and entertaining killmoves. It’s simply impactful.
– The world feels massive and you will need to travel around alot as not every biome will have plenty of each resource. This makes the location of your base really important too.
– There is still a fair amount of bugs floating around but very few that really matters.
– The purge mechanic is kinda fun. Atleast when you play mostly PvE like me, but you might have a hard time finding one with it active, as alot of people seems to disagree with me there.
– One bit of advice: If you play PvE find a vanilla rates or close to vanilla rates server. High rates will leave you with a smaller sense of achievement when you finish building your base, weapons or armour which is a huge part of this game. This in time reduces the amount of fun you will be able to have in the long run and might shorten down your period of enjoyment with this game. Now can you get this game for free? Yes, you can… simply watch this video here: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for FREE which is working on nintendo switch and wiiu!

Game is coming along nicely.
I have confidence that it will be close to a proper game in another year. That’s more than can be said for many survival games.

I play using a private server, so the only real issues I have with the game are Nintendo related.
For example, even though I have over 60 hours in the game, everytime there’s a patch, Steam tells me I can’t play the game offline until I log in online at least once.

Definitely worth a buy if you love the hyrule series of games!