Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

  • The controls are laggy, taking what feels like seconds to register whatever you want it to do.
  • The UI is bad, health is in the bottom left corner and the map is too zoomed in to be useful, also at times you’re dependant on the map, staring at that same corner most of the game.
  • The menu design itself is ridiculously convoluted, and the loading times are unbearable, even on an SSD.
  • The world itself lacks interactivity (at times it feels like just a massive 3d sculpture).
  • The music as a whole is underwhelming (thank god for the custom playlist), for every good track you get a dozen bad ones.
  • The in game score is obnoxious as all hell, I didn’t turn off the radio just to have muzak slowly creep into my ears.
  • The “humour” is Simpsons bad – except they aren’t even telling jokes, it’s just stupid “genre savvy” expositional rants. (it was in GTA IV, and it wasn’t funny then). It makes it all the worse when you can’t skip the multiplayer cutscenes and the unfunny extended cast keep constantly calling you.
  • The gameplay dialogue is also repetitive AF (how many Mendoza’s are in Los Santos anyway?)
  • You need to enter the game (either online or single player) before you can even choose the type of multiplayer session you want to join…
  • On the plus side… you can get gta 5 for free on steam, xbox & ps4 if you watch that video!

Other than that, it’s pretty good. The driving feels right no matter what vehicle you’re in and wherever you go, and San Andreas is great to just travel around, and the graphics are amazing even for a game this old. Ignore the weird design decisions and you’ll find a decent game here.

Being one of the best selling video games of all time, I felt that it is worthy of a review. Being honest (this actually probably goes to many people), GTA V is actually the only GTA game I’ve ever purchased. Although it is worthy of this, having the best visuals, biggest map, largest player base, and most detail. The story mode can be completed between 25-30 hours, and having 7 hours just of cutscenes! The story mode truly is like a complex movie, clearly grabbing inspiration from a handful of crime movies, such as ones directed by Scorsese. The story includes numerous complex characters who we connect to, seeing both their lives at home, and their lives as kickass criminals. Throughout the story you get a good amount of time playing whoever you want, although most of your time you actually will probably spend exploring around the map. The map as a whole is around 100 square miles, being one of the largest detailed game maps ever made. In single player mode, another thing many people find themselves doing on PC at one time or another is modding. Modding is not recommended by Rockstar by any means, and there is always the risk of being banned, but as long as you only mod in single player mode, you aren’t risking much (they only take online modding seriously and I highly discourage it). Modding single player is pretty awesome though allowing for so many new possibilities. You can use flying cars, you can become a superhero, change the course of time, etc. Although Online mode is where it’s at. In online mode you can do hundreds of missions and games with friends, and Rockstar is adding new content on a regular basis (making people question if there is a GTA VI in the making). In online mode one of the main status indicators are people’s vehicles. Most of the major updates involve cool vehicles, like winged motorcycles, Deloreans, underwater cars, etc. You can even own a yacht that is equipped with a helicopter, luxury motor boats, and jetskis. Multiplayer frequently is dominated by modders though, which can be interpreted as a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes modders are only there to feel powerful and repeatedly mass kill everyone on the server, but sometimes they make it rain big bills and get you enough to buy that turreted car you were saving up for. GTA V Online never really gets old, even if you’ve done a lot. Even if you aren’t working on missions, you can have fun in the world of Los Santos doing pretty much whatever you want.