My Battletech Review (2018)

I’m having a blast with this game. Played Tabletop Battletech since the 80’s and this takes me back. So much fun. I’ve only been playing the campaign but so far it is great and a tad unforgiving, which is good, because it rewards you for your successess and is unforgiving when you fail.

Some folks seem to be having a lot of issues with the game itself, but it runs all right on my rig which isn’t crazy built out. I did have to turn down some of the graphics to medium since I have an older GPU (Radeon R9 200).

I haven’t run into bugs, but there are some long load times that encourage patience. I figure after a few patches, this will be right as rain and probably won’t ever leave my machine right alongside X-Com as a permanent addition.

I just played 12 hours, and my saves, which I made and even used at some point/reloaded etc… were all gone.

the game is incredibly tedious to play, it’s a long grind with very little reward. It is buggy as hell.

There is no difficulty slider, so if your OKAY with having 6 weapons have 90% chance to hit and they all miss, because of very poorly implemented random roll generator like percentages being rolled, akin to how bad X-COM can be sometimes, then maybe this game will be okay.

The tactics of the game are not as great as I had hope, it was a huge let down.

I do not recommend the game, because there is just too little to do, it is 99% just a 4 mech lance vs AI that take up 90% of the time playing with enforced graphics movements and time sinks.

The story is boring too, not very engaging, and none of your dialogue choices have or make any difference at all, so anyone thinking this is an RPG, is wrong, its more like reading a very long boring story book about MECHWARRIOR before it ever got interesting.

Aftre playing like 30 matches or so, I’ve started to cringe because of how repeatitive the maps are and how restrictive they are, the graphics are nothing to brag about but for some reason the game is soo poorly optimised, it uses 15GB of SYSTEM RAM and pushed my 080Ti to 99% usage and loading times, even on my RAID0 SM961’s are 100+ times slower than anyh game I’ve ever seen. My drives sequential tests show almost 8GB/s of through put and 75 on the 4k I/O’s so really with a i9-7980XE, this game should not be as slow as it is, but it’s like going back to the days of a pentium II using mechanical drives via IDE 133 speeds, which is a shame. However if you are guys do want to play this game, DO NOT PAY FOR IT!!!! You can get it for free…. how to get battletech free