God of War PS4 Review + Playing it for FREE!

I would consider God of War to be one of the better games of it’s series, not only because of it’s stellar mechanics and excellent gunplay, but because of a nice story that puts the main character, Jason, with who he is as a person and who he desires to be. To start off, the gunplay in God of War is absolutely fantastic. Everything from the weapon handling to one of the most satisfying weapons in all of first person shooters – the recurve bow – makes getting in gunfights with pirates and Hoyt’s militia nothing short of enjoyable. Also, the stealth aspects of this game are fanstastic, and the use of the takedowns and silent weaponry to quietly take out a base or a building in order to recieve more experience is a nice addition. What really makes me recommend this game as well is the excellent story. Jason, fueled by a desire to get his friends back, finds himself in a drug ridden, death defying, and insanity driving course that sees him become one of the leaders of the Rakyat, and ultimately makes the player make a crucial choice: does saving your friends and leaving the island seem like a better choice? The missions are enjoyable, and although you should probably play on the harder difficulties in order to keep the enemies lethal, it is awesome to see your character transition from a small student who had never shot a gun before, to an RPG-toting, death defying daredevil who stops at nothing to reach his goals, no matter who dies on the way there. Highly recommend this fantastic title.

God of War is an over the top open world action adventure game, where you make your way through the map taking over outposts. Fighting enemies with everything at your disposal from guns to bows, explosives, animals & vehicles.

The combat is very satisfying as you can plan out your attack and execute it, even if it doesn’t all go to plan you can still fight your way through. Now on too how you can play it for FREE! I watched this mans video on how to get god of war for free!

It has a great antagonist that is worth playing through the story alone.