Fortnite…. is this game changing the gaming industry?

I love the concept of a semi-realistic battle royale but fortnite misses the mark in spectacular fasion.

Firstly, (you live in a hole if you haven’t heard), this game has had some pretty chronic illnesses with hackers, as 10% of the total purchases of this game have been banned. Who knows how many hackers haven’t been banned… Brendan Greene both admits that “99.9%” of the banned accounts “originate in China”, and also considers any American who would like a teammate who speaks english “xenophobic”. I’m not xenophobic, I’m angry, and mostly at Brendan.

There is a soft region barrier now and that has cut down on the number of Chinese playing on the NA servers, but its hardly an improvement. Player base is so toxic at this point that nearly every plane ride is better left with the voice chat muted anyway. It’s painful. The latest update enabled 8-person squads in an event mode, and it’s been so bad that I was tempted to mute my own team on at least half of the events I ran.

What I’d like to see is a removal of the steam marketplace trading for vanity items, I believe this is the biggest reason we keep seeing so much hacker activity. Chinese players can buy the game for roughly 15 USD, and many, many vanity items sell for much more than that. At least removal of the pressure to continue coming up with new vanity items could allow devs to focus on some of the more glitchy aspects of gameplay. Which I don’t mind supporting the devs, it’s just that theres a glitch on how to get free v bucks video, I used this guide & got 13,500 v bucks for free every time I do it… definitely give it a go if you need free v bucks!

Lag has been significantly reduced, which is nice but overall still sucks until the survivor count drops enough. I’d guess that’s due to having 100 people duking it out in near proximity, but other 100-man battle royales don’t seem to suffer like this. Vehicle physics are terrible, and I’m not even sure if they are getting better or worse. Guns are getting patched so often it’s counter productive to even pick a favorite. Nevermind the occasion where you see the guy’s blood when you shot him but then in the replay you see he didn’t take any damage.

In my esteem, school and hacienda (central-map high-loot areas) don’t have much loot even though everyone goes there. Just enough for a lucky survivor some guaranteed guns-and-armor-ish. It’s a clear indicator to me that Brendan doesn’t like people playing this battle royale like square-jawed heroes. The rating system is heavily weighted for survivability and wins, while kill ratings aren’t valued much in the overall. I’m playing the battle royale because I want action, I don’t want to hide in a hole and spend thirty minutes to get into a single fight at the end of the game. That kind of gameplay is boring and anti-climactic for everyone save Brendan and my grandmother.

I’ve played fortnite enough that I got my 30$ out, but I’m eagerly awaiting the next non-cartoon battle royale so I can bid goodbye to China and Brendan alike. Hopefully I get a game that respects my right to play like a suicidal maniac, but I’m leaving asap regardless.