PUBG in a nutshell…

Woah, what’s that? Did you hear that? Could it be a Kar98k? Or a M24? Nope. That’s just a guy with a S12K shooting you from the town over. You sit in awe and mash the button to watch the death cam. There it is. You see ‘Xiaomeng27371’ kill you from across Erangel. You tremble and start muttering whilst in the fetal position.

You start to wonder why. What’s even the point of the chicken dinner? Why is it necessary to fight for something that isn’t there?

Then you click ready… and it happens again.

Suddenly, you start to shake feverishly. The taste of chicken is no longer of interest to you and you start thinking about a beef-heavy dinner instead. You see your trusty friend come online and he asks you to play. You comply.

You both queue up for a duo game. A bright sandy colored map glares from your monitor- you’re now in Miramar. You and your friend are excited to see what could possibly happen in this new hip map. You drop down to ‘Pecado,’ it looks like a relatively small city compared to ‘Los Leones,’ but then you look behind you. There must be atleast half the players in the servers in your trail, and ahead of you. You decide that you parachute to the casino.

How oddly coincidental that you chose that spot- it is quite literally a gamble. You find a weapon that doesn’t exist in the original map, the Win94. You are astonished, you have no idea what to expect and there’s no time to figure it out. Your friend is down, but not out by a guy with a P1911. You start loading the weapon, vaulting out of a window and start firing. You realize that the Win94 has some wind-up time to it. Your friend starts yelling at you in discord; your hands are shaking and he doesn’t have much time before he completely bleeds out.

You run the corner, headshotting the killer. He’s down, and you hear stampeding footsteps behind you. You turn around and dome the killer’s partner, killing both of them and knocking them out of the game.

You pick up your friend. A newfound trust is built between you. 40 left alive, and luckily, you are in the circle. You give your friend your only first aid kit and move on to the other complexes, completely geared up and ready to fight. 20 left, now.

The circle is a bit far, and you decide to take the minibus to the circle. It’s terrible. You could probably run faster uphill than it could. You decide to do so.

You finally reach the border of the circle with your friend, excited and anxious if anyone was following you two. 10 remain. You decide to coup up in a building and wait for the circle to shrink. People are getting killed by the circle, 8 left, 7 left, 6 left, and suddenly there was 4 remaining. It’s you, your friend, and maybe another duo, or two solo players. The circle decides that it will end up on the other side, far from you. You and your friend need to move. Your hands get sweaty. Time and space comes to a halt. Your homework is past due and your boss is angry at you for taking the day off. Nothing. Else. Matters.

You hear shots zoom past you, your heartrate jumps considerably high. You see the muzzle flash behind a bush, and you takeout your sniper and take a shot. His fortified helmet is broken and it’s one shot away from getting killed. Your friend takes a shot. He gets instantaneously killed.

“WE CAN DO THIS” said friend.

3 left. 2 versus 1.

The circle closes in.

It’s out in the open.

… You hear an audible click, on the opposite end of the circle. It’s a grenade.

You and your friend scramble to get away, turns out that one grenade turns into 5. Your friend is downed from 1, and killed by another. It’s one on one.

You take out your AR and pray that you get the kill as soon as you peek the corner. You approach the corner, and suddenly, you are killed. You scream as loud as the galaxy permits the decibels to escape the atmosphere of Earth. You mash the death cam as hard as you can. You watch carefully.

Apparently, your left most pinky toe stood out and you are killed.


You start complaining how this game is trash and the tick rate is garbage, and all this other technical jargon that you found on reddit and youtube. You slept in anguish that night.

You start up and play again the next morning with the same friend.

Although the game is fun, it is TRASH. BLUEHOLE needs to take all these millions and put it into anti-cheat… Every single game there is a hacker running around ruining the game with their aimbot and esp cheats. They are just getting new account from this video: this guy called ryzatv can get pubg free on steam…. that’s how they do it.

Here’s my full review:

Ok, to begin this, I am going to be honest, I don’t play the game anymore and barely have enough hours to say anything compare to all of my friends however from the time I have had on here, here is my opinion on the game. So to begin, guns are pretty realistic in this game but a lot of bullet damage is either to over powered or useless. Servers constantly have issues which can get really annoying. Winning is okay but you should get a little bit more of a reward like a random case instead of just 1000 coins. The Chinese people migrating because of hackers is really annoying and the Devs are trying to scare hackers but are failing. The real issue with this game is, it’s repetitive. The majority of my friends quit playing this game within there first 50-100 hours. The whole games feel exactly the same and it’s either you get sniped, killed in a close quarter range, or are near the end and die. You won’t understand until you try it out. It’s like a cigarette, the first few cigarettes are amazing, then they lose the feeling it gives when you smoke. Kinda like a rush of dopamine levels in your brain that make you happy but then you strive to get to that point again by winning or playing but it never gets to that point again. Game is repetitive said and done, I know I play a lot of gmod, but this game was a one hit wonder, try fort it’s instead, easier to run, free, and it actually feels like a whole new gaming experience, believe it or not I even like unturned’s 24 player arena mode better, I hope they add more to that. Well good luck.