Sims 4 Review

if i could import playtime hours from other consoles, i’d probably be in the thousands. that being said, the console (specifically XBox) has a horrific game breaking bug so im glad i made the switch to PC

ahhh, the Sims. the love of my life and the bane of my existence. ive sunk nearly 700 hours into this game, and have hundreds more logged into the XBox version back when i was younger as Desperate. what’s to say about this game? well, for starters, it’s way better than Sims 4, so jot that down. Sims 4 may have the graphics, updated animations, and looks, but Sims 3 has all the charm, customization, versatility, and open world. Sims 3 has long loading times, but you only ever get one big loading screen for a whole world, as opposed to a gajillion small loading screens.

I’ve been in love with the Sims series for a long time. i’m a sucker for character customization in games, and Sims 3 is basically “Character Customization: The Game”. I guarantee at least 50 of my game play hours are JUST me making tweaks to my Sims. and, indeed, making Sims is almost an art form. as you play the game and get a better feel for what looks good and doesn’t, you’ll find yourself going back to update old looks.

i will say though, the vanilla base is fun to play and versatile on its own, owning the right expansion pack is what kicks it up a notch from good to great. i personally recommend Supernatural for Baby’s First Expansion Pack, if youre into vampire husbands and occassional zombie infestions paired with a lovely gothic aesthetic and chairs wearing corsets for some reason. if that doesn’t appeal to you, try Into The Future, for all your solarpunk desires, weird hairdos, bizarre picasso clothes, and expansive questline needs. Pets is another popular expansion, but i would not make it your first, personally, as the pets are a bit buggy. unless, of course, you like when mr fluffles turns into an extended slenderman polygon abomination. i own Pets and it’s good fun, but it adds another layer of micromanagement i often forget to bother with (oops).

pros of game:
+character creation
+character creation
+character creation
+can make a self insert and have them date your fave fictional character
+make a hideous goblin and breed it until it has pretty babies
+the modding scene is huge, active, and full of fun stuff to install (caveat: always back up your game. a wonky mod can cause pretty nasty side effects)
+the micromanaging is super friendly to control freaks like me. pause and fast forward whenever you like!
+character creation
+healthcare is free, accidental pregnancy isnt a thing, there’s no racism or misogyny, life is good
+the expansion packs only add more layers of fun gameplay and quest lines

cons of game:
-microtransactions, anybody?
-still full price for some ungodly reason despite being old as balls and the sequel being out
-expansion packs are also full price
-stuff packs are not worth it. I’ve waffled on buying them solely to say i own every expansion but decided against it. some expansion packs are also expensive-seriously the micro transactions in this game
-WHY IS IT STILL FULL PRICE IT’S BEEN YEARS, EA (by the way – RyzaTV has a video on how to get sims 4 free)
-if you hate micromanagement, you will hate this game
-game is HUGE, will eat all your disk space and CPU, and has the nerve to ask for more
-i run this on a (decent but not gaming oriented) laptop, so maybe this is just my computer being a stupidhead, but it still chugs on me on the lowest settings, so be warned
-the character customization can be overwhelming for a new user

i recommend this game to:
+people who love roleplaying
+people who love micromanagement
+people who LOVE character customization
+people who enjoy silly games without much violence or conflict
+people who love messing around and doing dumb stuff like recreating shrek but with the Sims

stay away from this game if:
-microtransactions are a deal breaker for you
-you hate micromanaging
-you don’t care for character customization
-your computer overheats easily
-you crave action, conflict, and fast-paced stories. the stories in Sims 3 affect me about as much as a gentle breeze, and im the emotional sort

A good game, has good and bad aspects, but personally i would get it on sale because why the shint is this game still full price

8.5/10 please help me