Citrus Fruits for Eczema?

Oranges not only taste good but they’re good for your skin. The aromatic qualities are energizing and are a great way to wake up your tired body. But why stop there? Many skin and aromatherapy experts agree on the benefits of incorporating citrus based products into your daily skin routine which may help with skin problems such as eczema & psoriasis.
Not all citrus fruits are created equal, different citrus fruits provide different benefits for your skin. Depending on your skin type and routine, you’ll want to check out the ingredients of different natural cleansers for the type of citrus fruits used. Oranges contain a high pH level and are great exfoliates. Citrus fruits have antiseptic qualities, which are natural cleansers and can be found in citrus astringents. Lemons have cleansing qualities, and can be found in natural face astringents and shampoo; limes are great for morning wake-up routines with their strong energizing qualities. Those of you looking for a pleasant smelling, yet hard working antibacterial cleanser, seek out soaps containing grapefruit but always make sure they are natural!.

Where to Find Them

If you are plagued with sensitive skin, all-natural citrus skin care can be gentle and effective. Pure Body has over 550 products that are all natural and they specialize in sensitive skin. Their Sweet Clementine Organic Body Polish by Trillium Organics is an exfoliate and moisturizer with skin protection power which is used bi-weekly for fresh, invigorating skin renewal and the price is not bad at 13.99 a jar. To get an idea of how your skin reacts to citrus based lotions and cleansers, the mini kits are great. Pure Body advertises the Trillium Organics Body Polish which includes three 2 ounce packs of body polishes in Sweet Clementine, Pink Grapefruit and Fresh Lime. For ten dollars you can try out the three different polishes and see which one works for you. There are several natural body care companies that offer mini-kits; the best are ones offer a mix of lotions, astringents and cleansers. These packages offer you the chance to try a whole skin care routine. Crabtree and Evelyn Inc. offers an enormous array of mini kits, with all natural citrus products; they are however, more expensive. Some of their stuff is so great though, it’s a guilty pleasure! There Naturals Gift bag is great, the sizes are much larger than most mini kits and with more variety. One Naturals Gift bag has five body products ranging from body wash, to a mist spritzer and shower mouse. One bag can cost between 40 and 60 dollars, it’s a lot, but if you love citrus products and a cute little bag to boot, it’s worth it. Probably the best idea would be to try a less expensive citrus product first, see how you and your skin like it. If you love it, go bigger and better.

One other lower priced natural skin care company is Natural Elements Online. Think Wal-Mart prices but way better selection. They have a nice selection of citrus products, and other natural products, to choose from, and for the price, you won’t feel guilty if you don’t like a certain product once you try it at home. Or you can try this brand, they are bit more expensive but it is the best cream for eczema that has some great ingredients including manuka honey, calendulis & are specifically designed for people with dry, sensitive skin (would defs recommend).

Natural skin care products not only smell great but they work great. There are no harsh irritants that can cause those with sensitive skin to break out in a rash or cause itching or burning. The prices can be a bit more than your average store brand face wash, but the benefits are worth it; you’ll walk away from your morning skin care routine smelling, looking and feeling great.