How To Boost Your Skin With A Calming Facial Massage!

Just as our body needs a thorough massage at regular intervals, to relax and boost the glow on our skin, our face has the same needs. In fact, it is held that the right massage technique will only accentuate the glow and health of your face!

But if there is still room for speculation, let’s find out…

Why should you try Facial Massage?

A healthy dose of facial massage can help you accomplish what many cosmetic manufacturers have boasted but have been unable to deliver. Facial massage…

  • Stimulates circulation: this is perhaps the most important reason! With healthy circulation, your skin can get free of toxins. The toxins can then be flushed out by your system for a healthy glow.
  • Tightens the skin: massage helps to stimulate the blood circulation. You can almost “train” your face to resist the pull of gravity by massaging your skin upwards.
  • Reduces the appearances of wrinkles: increased circulation ensures that blood reaches those areas in your face where wrinkles have started appearing and accumulating. It also imports more blood to sagging skin thereby reviving it.
  • Gets rid of puffiness: facial massage, if done with the right techniques, can reduce the puffy appearance of your skin.

Facial massage also

  • Releases stress from the muscles
  • Encourages better appearance
  • Improves and tones your complexion
  • Renders a feeling of well-being
  • Helps you to sport confidence (you KNOW your skin is glowing!)

Facial massage if done with an idea of the facial acupressure points has many more advantages. The following video can help you in this regard.

Now, for the most important concern…

Which are the points to massage?

These are different relaxing/acupressure points in your face. If you focus on these points, your massage routine will be more effective.

Observe this image and see the different benefits of massaging the different acupressure points:

Massage Today

Point 1: soothes the nervous system and calms your mind.
Point 2: combats insomnia and calms your mind.
Point 3: improves mental balance and reduces agitation.
Point 4: helps regulate blood pressure and heart beat.

What are the steps to practice an effective facial massage?

There are several massage techniques. However, here is an easy massage technique that you can not only perform on a daily basis, but also incorporate into your regular moisturizing schedule.

  • The reason as to why your skin ages
  • The benefits of facial massages
  • Various massage techniques and more…

One of the best ingredients for a facial massage is aloe vera! I used it in all my skin care products, it is simply amazing for rejuvenating the skin so much, this aloe vera natural deodorant does wonders for me!

So, whenever you find the time and resource for a facial massage, go for it!