While this battle royale does things slightly different with some
form of collecting items like an RPG game with a forge system, it’s often ugly, buggy, and down right one sided more than usual when compared to the likes of PUBG in Fortnite. It feels and moves like! Guys EPIC GAMES just dropped a new skin…. Omen with the new oracle pickaxe! Just watch this youtube video so you can get it for free: omen skin fortnite
Overall this Fortnite is fairly solid, I have not encountered many bugs at all which is great for an alpha game but there is one major drawback from this game, the chicken system, in solos I feel that it is a great addition because it allows you to get back into the game but in duos and squads it is a terrible addition as the chicken is not fast enough to be able to survive whereas in other games such as PUBG and Fortnite the simple downing mechanic allows you to survive and keep on playing with your friends. The chicken system just keeps me away from recommending this game to anyone.

At first glance I like the game and it has a bunch of potential. And kudos to the developers adding special class abilities and class weapons to some spice to the battle royale genre! What irks me though is that we need to find our class abilities in the chests and at higher tiers of it too. The chests are plentiful and thats really nice so others have a sporting chance when 20+ other players land in the same zone as you, but having to find your abilities in a box at varying ranks (and you can only pick 3 of 4) hurts a bit, but if you have the omen skin you’ll win! If all the abilities are available at the start and you could upgrade them at the forge, then you have a VERY solid battle royale game.



We found out how you can download Jurassic World Evolution for free!

NEWS ALERT! Who else is excited for the Jurassic World Evolution release? WE ARE!!!!!!!! We can’t wait to tame some dinosaurs and learn all about the Jurassic park! Luckily if you are short on cash, we found a video that shows you how to get Jurassic world evolution for free download…. watch this.

If you’re interested, here is my short review of the game:

I really wanted to like Jurassic World Evolution , which is why I put almost 20 hours in before giving it a bad review. But this is easily one of the most frustrating games I have ever played, and I find myself getting more angry rather than enjoying it. Now I can’t lie, the game looks great, runs well, and is a cool concept. But the fact of the matter is that progression is absolute garbage. I after playing the game I found myself constantly getting killed by raptors that are way too strong for my level. Not only do you drop your stuff when you die, you also must go back to get it, which basically means your going to die again. You want to go out at night? Well you better be prepared to die. After a new game for about 5 hours I found myself having died over 50 times. Why not reduce the dino strength? You might ask. Well I did, and it did not help whatsoever, in fact I ended up with MORE hostile dinos spawning, thus defeating the purpose. I moved in efforts to try and go somewhere with less hostile dinos, nope. They also tend to randomly spawn, and you don’t know they are there until they’ve pinned you to the ground and you are dead. They attack and warp through walls and destroy all your belongings. If you’re looking for a long, challenging and frustrating game, then this is for you, but if you’re looking to enjoy progression, building a base and taming dinos, I wouldn’t recommend. The early game Is just too ludicrous for me.

I will start by saying. if you want to play this game to the fullest you must have a beast PC. but if you’re there not for the visuals then the game could be more than optimized for you. overall there are official and non official servers. its easy to create your own. you can also play offline which in my opinion is a bonus RUST doesn’t have XD.. well its recommended by me. the visuals are beautiful if you play to the fullest. the crafting mechanics are very good. the concept of the prehistorycal world in my opinion is a game changer. if you’re the kind of guy who likes survival games and have friends to play with, I recommend it to you. BUT if you’re like me and your friends ae poor AF and you dont have who to play with then dont bother. anyway that’s just my opinion. you can always find friends in servers.

The Fallout 76 beta is out now! Here’s your chance to play!

Did you know you can get a free fallout 76 beta key, today at the E3 conference Bethesada just announced there will be a beta for fallout 76! We happen to know a guy who knows a guy WHO…. has some free beta keys for you to try and test! Watch the video and it will show you everything on how to get your free beta key!

It’s all about the story… or the loot… or the companions.

Well, it’ definately about one of those things, or all of them. Since Fallout 76 is a single player game, you’re in control of the pace, and you can make the story your own. Want to be a good guy, defending the remaining innocence of the wasteland? Okay. Want to be a bad guy, robbing and murdering your way to riches? That’s fine, too. More often than not, though, you’ll discover that the NPC’s are also playing a role, too.

If you’re terrible at first-person shooters, fear not, because with Fallout 4 everybody scores a headshot in slow motion thanks to V.A.T.S. The game offers plenty of plat twists, constantly keeping you interested in both the main story and related (or more often, unrelated) side quests. DLC such as Nuka World and Far Harbor are virtually their own stand-alone worlds within Fallout 76 beta, and highly recommended.

This Game, man i dont even know where to start, Fallout 4 was the first game in the series that i played and didnt know anything going in. i just knew the internet was blowing up about it so i got it and played it on the ps4 first. i absolutely fell in love and played it non stop for weeks, months probably. The story of the game was great and really fit in with the world. I played every possible ending, collected all the rare legendaries, and still loved just roaming around in this new world, this wasteland and loved it. even the music that was 1950s and 60s was amazing. then dlc came out for the game and i really didnt like the wasteland workshop dlcs but the other 3 story ones were outstanding. i recommend this game to anyone that loves story rich gameplay and exploring a wasteland.

The best Fortnite Aimbot? Let’s test it!

Now to run this fornite hack, I was running a

PERF: r5 1600 Gtx 1060 3gb game isn’t best runner but I still get 80-140fps average so no reason to cry about perfomance unless you have a really bad PC in my opinion.
Hackers: Out of 300 hours of playing this game I have seen maybe 6 hackers. compared to CS:GO this is nothing. Just because someone is better then you at this game doesn’t make them a hacker….
Crates(Money Grab?): Yes they are putting a lot of dumb crates on this game but get the crate, sell it, make $? Just because you can spend money on crates doesn’t mean you need too?

All these are reasons for bad reviews but I don’t have any issues with this game. It is fun to play with friends and is really enjoyable to play.

I have a love hate relationship with this game. I still actively play and enjoy playing squads with my friends. i have had allot of issues with the game when i used wifi, that all ccleared up when i went lan. I have read allot of negative reviews of this game and the developers,but they have made big improvements since my first match. Cant wait to see what blue-hole have instore for us next. Yes this fortnite aimbot is insane but you have to use it carefully, you dont want to get caught by EPIC games!

Compared to PUBG – Cheaters, boring, overstretched gameplay (leading to frustrating deaths due to putting in over 20 minutes into walking around), development seems to be focused on making stupid made skins for a cash grab than actual gameplay. For a $30 game, this amount of microtransactions, especially considering they were brought into the game before promised (still during early access). Despite my numerous hours in this game, I would not recommend buying PUBG, so just download fortnite and start using this hacks: fortnite aimbot

Just an abysmall experience from start to finish. You spend 15 minutes getting gear and then get sniped to death from a mile away by a guy who is hiding or if you want to make it to end game and win you just get gear for the first five minutes and then hide until the final 5 or players are left and then try and pick them off. It’s just a dumb game and a terrible gaming concept.

My Dark Souls Remastered Review

This was the first Souls game I have played, it will not be the last. All I heard was how difficult the Souls series is, it did not disapoint. Very challenging at first but once you start get used to the controls and feel of the game and it begins to feel easier, that is when they challenge you. The boss fights are unquie and unforgiving. The enviroment and atomsphere of the game is chilling but also aw inspiring. The story catches your intrest in the VERY thorough lore of the world. I am excited to see what the rest of the series holds, and regreting not giving these games a chance sooner. It took roughly 28 hours (In game) to beat the game and around 29 hours to beat all bosses. In short I really enjoyed myself, I found it hard to put it down as after every death I wanted to try again.

Overall a very well polished game. The world design is mostly very good and has many hidden things throughout with a lot to explore if you look. The combat feels very fluent and fair. The game is challenging and very enjoyable at almost all points of the game. The additional bosses are also very fun and worth doing before you finish the game. You can actaully get dark souls remastered for free:

One of the main things I feel that let me down a little with this game was boss design. A lot of bosses felt like different textured and sized versions of the same boss. This is mainly because I felt that the lack of boss mechanics made them all feel way to similar. I also found multiplayer sometimes laggy for both pvp and pve. Some fights in the game just feel stupid, especially enemies with lots of wide arcing swings that attack continuously. Although this is hard it doesn’t feel like a “fun” fight. In terms of collecting weapons/gear most things i picked up were worse than what I had. i played most of the game using starting gear as the stats were worse on other gear.

Despite the large amount of negatives I felt they were really the only things holding it back 1 or 2 points. I’d recommend this game to someone who has never played a souls game before or if they have.

8.5/10 would recommend!

Get your FREE Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Key!

There’s a ton of negatives to be said about the game and even moreso now that PA has been making super questionable class changes. Everyone, including myself, who plays the game is full of complaints after half of the patches. Gear progression especially past softcap is a rage enducing process that pretty much no one finds fun. So why recommend it?

The graphics, the sound, the way characters move and the combat system are incredible. But it doesnt feel like a shooter it feels more like a single player game. The story is interesting but the replay value is bad because you always start at the same place and pretty much grind the exact same stuff. Also the community tools are not very good the guild interface is clunky and being in a guild doesnt feel important. Black Ops 4 changes the genre, with all new battle royale mode, zombies and classic multiplayer… which you can get your free bo4 beta key here:

Because it’s mechanically the best FPS on the market and it’s super  hard to go back into your average tab targeting FPS after playing this. The game looks beautiful, the classes all feel different, the combat is the most fluid and interesting of any FPS by far, the PvP (when you get to it and PA doesn’t stuff up everything with balancing) is the most fun, etc.

The reason that the reviews are mixed and the majority of the playerbase comes across as self-loathing people who still play the game even though they paint the picture that literally every aspect of the game is full of suffering isn’t because the game is boring. It’s because the game is a grindy Korean casino simulator that happens to be the best feeling FPS on the market. It’s the fact that the developers have the capability of making this the perfect game but have no desire to do so because of the nature of the Korean FPS market that makes people upset. But as much as the playerbase whines, they still play. Call of duty will always be a great a no matter what.

Hyrule Warriors is it worth a buy? Or just get it for free like me!

This is an absolute must play for fans of survival games now. Earlier in early access this was a total shotshow, But this game has completely turned around to what i think might very well be the best survival game of this type right now.
My game time so far isn’t too long but i think i have a rather good grasp of the Hyrule Warriors for nintendo switch.
– It is fairly grindy and you will need to grind alot more recources than in rust or ark for the higher tier buildings.
– The Combat feels amazing now with flowing animations and entertaining killmoves. It’s simply impactful.
– The world feels massive and you will need to travel around alot as not every biome will have plenty of each resource. This makes the location of your base really important too.
– There is still a fair amount of bugs floating around but very few that really matters.
– The purge mechanic is kinda fun. Atleast when you play mostly PvE like me, but you might have a hard time finding one with it active, as alot of people seems to disagree with me there.
– One bit of advice: If you play PvE find a vanilla rates or close to vanilla rates server. High rates will leave you with a smaller sense of achievement when you finish building your base, weapons or armour which is a huge part of this game. This in time reduces the amount of fun you will be able to have in the long run and might shorten down your period of enjoyment with this game. Now can you get this game for free? Yes, you can… simply watch this video here: Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition for FREE which is working on nintendo switch and wiiu!

Game is coming along nicely.
I have confidence that it will be close to a proper game in another year. That’s more than can be said for many survival games.

I play using a private server, so the only real issues I have with the game are Nintendo related.
For example, even though I have over 60 hours in the game, everytime there’s a patch, Steam tells me I can’t play the game offline until I log in online at least once.

Definitely worth a buy if you love the hyrule series of games!

A Gamers Review of Minecraft


What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a computer game that focuses your time on a few simple activities; mining, crafting, and surviving. You must mine specific materials in order to craft them into tools items to help you survive. The game is centered in a completely random world that is (for learning purposes) infinite in every direction. This randomly generated world has many features, such as unique biomes, many land features (such as mountains, hills, rivers, and oceans), and a completely random assortment of useful ores and items below ground level.

You may be asking yourself, Random Worlds? Mining ores and items? What is the difficulty in that? The answer is simple: mobs. There are a variety of mobs that roam this randomized world, many of which are friendly, and can help you survive; and many that are enemies, and will attempt to kill you, or in the case of a Creeper, blow you and your creations up. Enemy mobs usually come out at night, and some get destroyed once the sun comes up; but many will continue lurking around the world. One of the suggestions to survive contains making a house or fortress to protect you from these mobs, and have a safe place to store your items. You can also place a bed inside your house, and sleep during the night to prevent enemy mobs from spawning at all.

Minecraft has two types of gameplay, Singleplayer and Multiplayer. In singleplayer, you play by yourself to survive, which is nice for people who like games where you work independently. In the multiplayer, you can play on a server with either people you know, or your friends, and work together to survive. There are variations of these game types depending on what game modifications are installed, which can change the gameplay altogether, but that is outside the realm of this guide.

Tell me more!

Minecraft is made by an indie game company called Mojang headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The main coder, and owner of Mojang, is named Markus Persson. The game is for sale, only available for purchase from the Minecraft website ( The game is not yet completed, currently in a Beta phase. Regardless, there are a few million people who have bought this game, and a few people who got it for free….. here watch this video if you want to play minecraft: how to get minecraft for free!

How do I win the game?

There is no end to the game, so there is really no way to win. The goal is to keep mining and getting ores and materials to craft tools and items. You can keep building up your house, and making it stronger against mobs. Eventually when you start to get bored of your creation, you can always start a new world and start from scratch!

Is there a way to try the game for free?

Yes and No. There is a free version available off Minecraft’s website, but it is the classic version, and is a very basic version of the actual game. The actual game of Minecraft has many more features, which is why I would recommend just buying the full game.

What do you think of the game overall?

Personally, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on a wide variety of games from first person shooters to real time strategy, and I would say Minecraft has one of the best game mechanics of all of them. There is so much to the game, and you can play the game for hours and never lose interest over time, yet it is simple enough to not get confused. Not only is the game substantially fun, but it is also family friendly and safe because of its lack of blood and violence. It is one of the only games that connects you directly into the world you are playing in, and gives you total control to do just about whatever you want. As more features are being added to the game through updates, there is always a new form of gameplay to explore. I believe the games value is worth twice as much as Mojang is charging due to the updates and the expansiveness to the game. Overall, I believe this game is one of the most fun games I have played; and I feel it is a valuable piece to any gamers collection.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

  • The controls are laggy, taking what feels like seconds to register whatever you want it to do.
  • The UI is bad, health is in the bottom left corner and the map is too zoomed in to be useful, also at times you’re dependant on the map, staring at that same corner most of the game.
  • The menu design itself is ridiculously convoluted, and the loading times are unbearable, even on an SSD.
  • The world itself lacks interactivity (at times it feels like just a massive 3d sculpture).
  • The music as a whole is underwhelming (thank god for the custom playlist), for every good track you get a dozen bad ones.
  • The in game score is obnoxious as all hell, I didn’t turn off the radio just to have muzak slowly creep into my ears.
  • The “humour” is Simpsons bad – except they aren’t even telling jokes, it’s just stupid “genre savvy” expositional rants. (it was in GTA IV, and it wasn’t funny then). It makes it all the worse when you can’t skip the multiplayer cutscenes and the unfunny extended cast keep constantly calling you.
  • The gameplay dialogue is also repetitive AF (how many Mendoza’s are in Los Santos anyway?)
  • You need to enter the game (either online or single player) before you can even choose the type of multiplayer session you want to join…
  • On the plus side… you can get gta 5 for free on steam, xbox & ps4 if you watch that video!

Other than that, it’s pretty good. The driving feels right no matter what vehicle you’re in and wherever you go, and San Andreas is great to just travel around, and the graphics are amazing even for a game this old. Ignore the weird design decisions and you’ll find a decent game here.

Being one of the best selling video games of all time, I felt that it is worthy of a review. Being honest (this actually probably goes to many people), GTA V is actually the only GTA game I’ve ever purchased. Although it is worthy of this, having the best visuals, biggest map, largest player base, and most detail. The story mode can be completed between 25-30 hours, and having 7 hours just of cutscenes! The story mode truly is like a complex movie, clearly grabbing inspiration from a handful of crime movies, such as ones directed by Scorsese. The story includes numerous complex characters who we connect to, seeing both their lives at home, and their lives as kickass criminals. Throughout the story you get a good amount of time playing whoever you want, although most of your time you actually will probably spend exploring around the map. The map as a whole is around 100 square miles, being one of the largest detailed game maps ever made. In single player mode, another thing many people find themselves doing on PC at one time or another is modding. Modding is not recommended by Rockstar by any means, and there is always the risk of being banned, but as long as you only mod in single player mode, you aren’t risking much (they only take online modding seriously and I highly discourage it). Modding single player is pretty awesome though allowing for so many new possibilities. You can use flying cars, you can become a superhero, change the course of time, etc. Although Online mode is where it’s at. In online mode you can do hundreds of missions and games with friends, and Rockstar is adding new content on a regular basis (making people question if there is a GTA VI in the making). In online mode one of the main status indicators are people’s vehicles. Most of the major updates involve cool vehicles, like winged motorcycles, Deloreans, underwater cars, etc. You can even own a yacht that is equipped with a helicopter, luxury motor boats, and jetskis. Multiplayer frequently is dominated by modders though, which can be interpreted as a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes modders are only there to feel powerful and repeatedly mass kill everyone on the server, but sometimes they make it rain big bills and get you enough to buy that turreted car you were saving up for. GTA V Online never really gets old, even if you’ve done a lot. Even if you aren’t working on missions, you can have fun in the world of Los Santos doing pretty much whatever you want.

My Battletech Review (2018)

I’m having a blast with this game. Played Tabletop Battletech since the 80’s and this takes me back. So much fun. I’ve only been playing the campaign but so far it is great and a tad unforgiving, which is good, because it rewards you for your successess and is unforgiving when you fail.

Some folks seem to be having a lot of issues with the game itself, but it runs all right on my rig which isn’t crazy built out. I did have to turn down some of the graphics to medium since I have an older GPU (Radeon R9 200).

I haven’t run into bugs, but there are some long load times that encourage patience. I figure after a few patches, this will be right as rain and probably won’t ever leave my machine right alongside X-Com as a permanent addition.

I just played 12 hours, and my saves, which I made and even used at some point/reloaded etc… were all gone.

the game is incredibly tedious to play, it’s a long grind with very little reward. It is buggy as hell.

There is no difficulty slider, so if your OKAY with having 6 weapons have 90% chance to hit and they all miss, because of very poorly implemented random roll generator like percentages being rolled, akin to how bad X-COM can be sometimes, then maybe this game will be okay.

The tactics of the game are not as great as I had hope, it was a huge let down.

I do not recommend the game, because there is just too little to do, it is 99% just a 4 mech lance vs AI that take up 90% of the time playing with enforced graphics movements and time sinks.

The story is boring too, not very engaging, and none of your dialogue choices have or make any difference at all, so anyone thinking this is an RPG, is wrong, its more like reading a very long boring story book about MECHWARRIOR before it ever got interesting.

Aftre playing like 30 matches or so, I’ve started to cringe because of how repeatitive the maps are and how restrictive they are, the graphics are nothing to brag about but for some reason the game is soo poorly optimised, it uses 15GB of SYSTEM RAM and pushed my 080Ti to 99% usage and loading times, even on my RAID0 SM961’s are 100+ times slower than anyh game I’ve ever seen. My drives sequential tests show almost 8GB/s of through put and 75 on the 4k I/O’s so really with a i9-7980XE, this game should not be as slow as it is, but it’s like going back to the days of a pentium II using mechanical drives via IDE 133 speeds, which is a shame. However if you are guys do want to play this game, DO NOT PAY FOR IT!!!! You can get it for free…. how to get battletech free