Monster Hunter World – The Steam Review + Key Code Giveaway!

I absolutely recomend this game, not necesarilly for the story, which is GOOD (bit cheesy and cliche), but for the gorgeous graphics, amazing gameplay, sweet characters, rich and full world, extremely epic boss battles, plethora of adorable side quests that flesh out the world, deep dungeon delving, vibrant towns to explore, large but manuverable overworld to explore, and amazingly fun upgrade system through the city building. Very much worth the full price. Now that we know what the dlc/season pass entails I am even more excited! Enjoy the game!

It’s a little rough around the edges in a lot of places but it’s not necessarily a bad game. There should definitely be an option in between do and don’t recommend this game. Cause that’s where I think I’m truly at with Monster Hunter World. It’s opening tutorial is a train-wreck and leaves you basically learning everything on your own. You’re told once how to do things, so hopefully you remember since there is no in-game log of the tutorial screens it shows you. Also, once it introduces skills it doesn’t go into detail about what weapons they can be used with so if you find your Zing meter (when in combat) at 100% and remember hearing that that’s the best time to use this skill because of the combat boost, you better hope your using the right weapon. Otherwise you’re going to get trashed by your enemy while your character stands there looking as confused as you are! Now if you need a free key code check this youtube video: How to get Monster Hunter World FREE Key Code

Also a little nit-picky thing. Gameplay damage and cutscene damage are worlds apart. This isn’t super important but it’s super jarring to have fired 30 or 40 rounds of my gun into this boss and done about 10% damage to him, then immediately have a cutscene where I shoot literally 1 bullet and all of a sudden it anihilates this guy and he topples over falling off a cliff. I’m fine with attacks having more realism in cutscenes, but this is over the top. They basically turned guns into glorified spit-ball launchers unless you’re watching a cutscene.

Fortnite at School

While most people might have given up at this point, I decided that if my buddies were getting enjoyment out of Fortnite then damnit so was I. I continued bouncing around the galaxy, searching out small troves of treasure, and fighting any bounties I could. I earned up 500k units ( a pitiful amount in game, but substantial for me) and another 500k in trade goods. With this I finally decided I had enough to get out of my little starter ship and maybe finally getting to do something besides survival and inventory management. Luckily I have been able to download fortnite at school completely free with this youtube tut: download fortnite at school

I jumped to a new system as the one I had been in had no space station, and no trade outposts. As I jumped in, I got giddy with excitement. A fleet of freighters was under attack nearby. Both of my close friends playing had been given their own space base freighter from such an incursion and I quickly jumped into the fray ecstatic that I was finally going to be making some real progress. I engaged the enemy vastly outnumbered. I had to fight tooth and nail in my little starter ship to bring down the full squad of 6 enemy pilots I suddenly found firing at me. In the end, I pulled a narrow victory with but a single pip of my health left to my ship, but the day was won.

Contacting the freighter fleet’s admiral, I was invited aboard his freighter to discuss rewards. Upon landing I was struck with a sickening sense of how good things were going. I panicked as leaving my ship, I noticed the game didn’t save the way it usually does. Apparently aboard freighters Fortnite does not save leaving your ship. Oh well I thought, nothing for it. I made my way up from the hangar and onto the command bridge. I marched confidently towards the fleet admiral, happy and proud of my little POS starter for all it had achieved. And then…. I FELL THROUGH THE FLOOR. I tried to make my way back up but the game had simply dropped me into open space….. A few seconds later my vitals went ballistic and I was treated to the sudden message of “Killed by cosmic rays”. The game respawned me at the nearest station stating I failed the fleet mission and the quest to get my freighter was gone….. In addition the 500k in trade goods I had stocked for a new ship were also now drifting forever through space….. I wanted to break down and cry.

I get that you guys wanted to make this game grand, and epic, and exciting.

Mobile Gaming… Lol? No, they’re actually fun now!!

When people mention games for mobile devices, gamers will always laugh, I have been one to do that too, but recently the mobile industry have been killing it with great releases that include movie titles to get people into these games… I’m talking harry potter, marvel & star wars….. Yes the big titles! Here is my review of them:

MARVEL Contest of Champions

These games holds up so well today, I played it day one on iOS but I had to have it again on Android as it’s a great addition to my library. It’s a great port and a fantastic remaster, the game is tough but fair and very rewarding especially if you are chasing down gems and time trials. All 3 games are different in their own way and always have something new for you to play, I highly recommend. My only complaints for this Marvel are the music missing a couple key elements to faithfully recreate the emotions of the original soundtrack (but some tracks have been improved so no sweat really), and the pill shaped hitbox causing a few unfair deaths. Overall though, the first 3 games of an amazing franchise for free on a mobile device? Who wouldn’t! Well to be honest with you all, the game is really pay 2 win… which sucks but you can use free generators to get past that, I watched this youtube video: marvel coc hack

Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

Honestly, great game, love playing it and worth the money. Game overall receives, from me, a solid 8/10. Only thing holding it back from it’s potential are the crappy servers. Love the constant updates and the active owners! After long 4 years of early access… i was kinda skeptical about the future of the game and if the final result would be worth it (they made some controversial patches in early acess, so that helped my skepticism), but…

After 4 years, i think it was worth the wait. Not gonna lie that i’m not that big of a fan of star wars, but i know that gamedev is hard and i can see they dedicated their life into this game to make it worth the wait.

The game is good looking, the gameplay is solid, music is nice. As a Clash Roayle fan, i miss some elements of the CR series. They decided to do a more realistic approach to this game instead which included many of the galaxies, heroes, characters and story lines of the star wars series! Again with this game, you will need crystals in order to have fun, check this video out: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

If you like games with choices, and where the choices actually matter, you will like this one, or you’re just a huge harry potter fan!

Don’t have the key to that wooden door? Well, you could lock-pick it. Or burn it down. Or slap it with a sword for a while. Are you disrespectful while talking to someone who doesn’t like you? Well, you’d better either change their mind, or prepare for a fight. Or… run away. That’s also an option.
Now, none of this touches on the combat, which I will without a doubt call the most interesting turn-based combat I’ve seen. When I saw the game, I was a little sceptic about having turn-based combat in an adventure rpg, but this amount of strategic choises just would not work if it was real time, and I find it way more fun when compared to more basic action combat.
Also, while the combat is turn-based, the exploring and sneaking is completely real time, including when you have your hands in someone elses pockets. I highly recommend you watch this video too, it will get you get free gems for harry potter on the ios and android devices, watch it here: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack

Fortnite – Still worth playing in June 2018?

DO yourself a favor by stopping right here. There is no need to read the 13k plus reveiws currently for this game. I will save you the trouble. If you like Fortnite, but HATE THE BUILDING ( Ya know the guy that builds New York City in 2.5 seconds when a bullet grazes his toe) and if you like PUBG, but hate the toxic gameplay (Ya know the campers and the running 32.5 miles only to get sniped from 8000 miles away) then you NEED this game. To me it takes the best of both. Casual and easy to pick up and skill and shooter based. What will win you fights is knowing how and when to peak and use your abilities. DO NOT listen to the negative reviews that criticize the latest patch (which is already fixed and even BETTER then before).

This game is an ALPHA game. They are still tweaking, adding guns, smoothing the map out, etc. What you NEED to know is this. The core gameplay is the most fun I’ve EVER had with a BR game. I played Fortnite from very early on and it was fun, but now you cannot win a game unless you can spin your mouse 360 degrees in .000004 seconds and build 4 walls and a ramp, edit it and repeat. It’s not fun. It’s not even about shooting anymore! As Ninja, Shroud, TIM, and many other streamers have said about this game, “It is refreshing.” Get the game, It’s FREEEE. You won’t be sad. I think Fortnite is still worth playing even if you don’t enjoy it that much, I really only enjoy the skins (that I get for free btw)…. heres how: free fortnite skins

It actually does work… I can confirm. Give the video a watch a let me know how you go!

Fortnite on the Xbox 360? Yes you CAN!

So I have been playing fortnite on the xbox 360 for a bit, it’s awesome. Normally it’s not allowed because it can’t but i found a way to get it working:

My Fortnite XBox 360 Review:

After their LOVELY changes to the entire forging and loot system a few days ago…

The game went to utter and absolute crap. It is no longer the same game the majority of the playerbase was hooked into.

Previously, you were able to forge your legendary weapons if you managed to kill a player and nab their chicken trophy as a “reward method” for being aggressive in the game.

Speaking of forging, isn’t it time to change the steam store page? Cause you know… You can’t forge legendaries in fortnite anymore

Loot: 100% RNG. You could get a common Poison(Venom) Pistol or your legendary weapon in the first 5 seconds of dropping in anywhere. Why was that… Why is that even a thing?

Hi-Rez is notoriously known for having incompetent higher-ups in their gaming studio that make the executive decisions while pretending to know exactly what they’re doing. They. Don’t. Listen. The devs most certainly listen to the players, but they don’t call the shots.


They had a perfectly good test server for you know, TESTING. But they pretty much gone and went “Screw it, let’s go live while a solid majority of the test server players are completely against this new patch!”

For the people who haven’t seen the newest update yet: This sums up your early game.

What an absolute joke lol.

While people may argue that this is alpha, meant for testing… why in god’s name are they going to start charging microtransactions in bloody ALPHA? Fix your game first. I hope they keep their promises on monday before they somehow make what’s left of their great start worse.

The best skin in fortnite? Definitely the Love Ranger.

Who else has been loving Fortnite? We sure have. It’s just a great FREE game that anyone can play, so whats not to love? Well the cosmetic items cost real life money, however they don’t give you a competitive advantage over players so its fine 🙂 But, we did find a video of a guy show you that can actually get it for free: love ranger free!

In the current state of the game, this is not worth playing. They released a patch despite the entire community knowing full well it was a bad idea and voicing it immediately.

I spent 5 hours tonight on my favorite class, waiting to play with my favorite weapon, but was completely unable to aquire it because of the new RNG strategy the Dev’s have employed. I only encountered about 3-4 legendary weapons in the entire play session in duos.

Instead of allowing you to craft the weapon that makes your class unique, you have to rely on extremely small drop percentages while everyone on the map is just hiding and looting and avoiding combat because there is no incentive to fight.

I’m so disappointed with this game and the way the Dev’s have addressed the community saying “give it the weekend and see how you like it” despite the OBVIOUS reason for outrage. It’s a shame to just assume that your community of established gamers are just plain wrong even though you can scroll through pages and pages of suggestions on Reddit that would have been far better ideas.

I hope Epic Games is listening, because Fortnite has the potential to be something great.

The Fallout 76 beta is out now! Here’s your chance to play!

Did you know you can get a free fallout 76 beta key, today at the E3 conference Bethesada just announced there will be a beta for fallout 76! We happen to know a guy who knows a guy WHO…. has some free beta keys for you to try and test! Watch the video and it will show you everything on how to get your free beta key!

It’s all about the story… or the loot… or the companions.

Well, it’ definately about one of those things, or all of them. Since Fallout 76 is a single player game, you’re in control of the pace, and you can make the story your own. Want to be a good guy, defending the remaining innocence of the wasteland? Okay. Want to be a bad guy, robbing and murdering your way to riches? That’s fine, too. More often than not, though, you’ll discover that the NPC’s are also playing a role, too.

If you’re terrible at first-person shooters, fear not, because with Fallout 4 everybody scores a headshot in slow motion thanks to V.A.T.S. The game offers plenty of plat twists, constantly keeping you interested in both the main story and related (or more often, unrelated) side quests. DLC such as Nuka World and Far Harbor are virtually their own stand-alone worlds within Fallout 76 beta, and highly recommended.

This Game, man i dont even know where to start, Fallout 4 was the first game in the series that i played and didnt know anything going in. i just knew the internet was blowing up about it so i got it and played it on the ps4 first. i absolutely fell in love and played it non stop for weeks, months probably. The story of the game was great and really fit in with the world. I played every possible ending, collected all the rare legendaries, and still loved just roaming around in this new world, this wasteland and loved it. even the music that was 1950s and 60s was amazing. then dlc came out for the game and i really didnt like the wasteland workshop dlcs but the other 3 story ones were outstanding. i recommend this game to anyone that loves story rich gameplay and exploring a wasteland.

The best Fortnite Aimbot? Let’s test it!

Now to run this fornite hack, I was running a

PERF: r5 1600 Gtx 1060 3gb game isn’t best runner but I still get 80-140fps average so no reason to cry about perfomance unless you have a really bad PC in my opinion.
Hackers: Out of 300 hours of playing this game I have seen maybe 6 hackers. compared to CS:GO this is nothing. Just because someone is better then you at this game doesn’t make them a hacker….
Crates(Money Grab?): Yes they are putting a lot of dumb crates on this game but get the crate, sell it, make $? Just because you can spend money on crates doesn’t mean you need too?

All these are reasons for bad reviews but I don’t have any issues with this game. It is fun to play with friends and is really enjoyable to play.

I have a love hate relationship with this game. I still actively play and enjoy playing squads with my friends. i have had allot of issues with the game when i used wifi, that all ccleared up when i went lan. I have read allot of negative reviews of this game and the developers,but they have made big improvements since my first match. Cant wait to see what blue-hole have instore for us next. Yes this fortnite aimbot is insane but you have to use it carefully, you dont want to get caught by EPIC games!

Compared to PUBG – Cheaters, boring, overstretched gameplay (leading to frustrating deaths due to putting in over 20 minutes into walking around), development seems to be focused on making stupid made skins for a cash grab than actual gameplay. For a $30 game, this amount of microtransactions, especially considering they were brought into the game before promised (still during early access). Despite my numerous hours in this game, I would not recommend buying PUBG, so just download fortnite and start using this hacks: fortnite aimbot

Just an abysmall experience from start to finish. You spend 15 minutes getting gear and then get sniped to death from a mile away by a guy who is hiding or if you want to make it to end game and win you just get gear for the first five minutes and then hide until the final 5 or players are left and then try and pick them off. It’s just a dumb game and a terrible gaming concept.

My Dark Souls Remastered Review

This was the first Souls game I have played, it will not be the last. All I heard was how difficult the Souls series is, it did not disapoint. Very challenging at first but once you start get used to the controls and feel of the game and it begins to feel easier, that is when they challenge you. The boss fights are unquie and unforgiving. The enviroment and atomsphere of the game is chilling but also aw inspiring. The story catches your intrest in the VERY thorough lore of the world. I am excited to see what the rest of the series holds, and regreting not giving these games a chance sooner. It took roughly 28 hours (In game) to beat the game and around 29 hours to beat all bosses. In short I really enjoyed myself, I found it hard to put it down as after every death I wanted to try again.

Overall a very well polished game. The world design is mostly very good and has many hidden things throughout with a lot to explore if you look. The combat feels very fluent and fair. The game is challenging and very enjoyable at almost all points of the game. The additional bosses are also very fun and worth doing before you finish the game. You can actaully get dark souls remastered for free:

One of the main things I feel that let me down a little with this game was boss design. A lot of bosses felt like different textured and sized versions of the same boss. This is mainly because I felt that the lack of boss mechanics made them all feel way to similar. I also found multiplayer sometimes laggy for both pvp and pve. Some fights in the game just feel stupid, especially enemies with lots of wide arcing swings that attack continuously. Although this is hard it doesn’t feel like a “fun” fight. In terms of collecting weapons/gear most things i picked up were worse than what I had. i played most of the game using starting gear as the stats were worse on other gear.

Despite the large amount of negatives I felt they were really the only things holding it back 1 or 2 points. I’d recommend this game to someone who has never played a souls game before or if they have.

8.5/10 would recommend!

Get your FREE Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta Key!

There’s a ton of negatives to be said about the game and even moreso now that PA has been making super questionable class changes. Everyone, including myself, who plays the game is full of complaints after half of the patches. Gear progression especially past softcap is a rage enducing process that pretty much no one finds fun. So why recommend it?

The graphics, the sound, the way characters move and the combat system are incredible. But it doesnt feel like a shooter it feels more like a single player game. The story is interesting but the replay value is bad because you always start at the same place and pretty much grind the exact same stuff. Also the community tools are not very good the guild interface is clunky and being in a guild doesnt feel important. Black Ops 4 changes the genre, with all new battle royale mode, zombies and classic multiplayer… which you can get your free bo4 beta key here:

Because it’s mechanically the best FPS on the market and it’s super  hard to go back into your average tab targeting FPS after playing this. The game looks beautiful, the classes all feel different, the combat is the most fluid and interesting of any FPS by far, the PvP (when you get to it and PA doesn’t stuff up everything with balancing) is the most fun, etc.

The reason that the reviews are mixed and the majority of the playerbase comes across as self-loathing people who still play the game even though they paint the picture that literally every aspect of the game is full of suffering isn’t because the game is boring. It’s because the game is a grindy Korean casino simulator that happens to be the best feeling FPS on the market. It’s the fact that the developers have the capability of making this the perfect game but have no desire to do so because of the nature of the Korean FPS market that makes people upset. But as much as the playerbase whines, they still play. Call of duty will always be a great a no matter what.