BO4 My Review

So the new COD: Black Ops 4 will be releasing soon, I got my hands on a pre-release copy and would love to give you guys my $0.02 cents on the game. Now just an FYI, this is only a few single players maps and also a little bit of multiplayer!

The Review:

It’s a game that’s all about fighting single, powerful enemies. And sometimes watching them kill each other, which is even more fun. Combat rewards tactical thinking, with a wide variety of play styles provided by different weapons, and each weapon has different tools for different situations – each of which is crucial to success. I got this game to play with pc friends, i have it on ps4 already. I in no way expect them to be where the console is at yet, that has been out for about a year or slightly more then. It takes time to recode everything to PC from console. those who complain “should already have everything from console already” want a game that would be unacceptable and unplayable to its core, the code would not work and it would crash all the time. I am glad the devs are taking their time to recode everything. Luckily for you guys I found a video on youtube that shows how to get call of duty blacks ops 4 for free:

I look forward to the pc version getting to where the console is but in no means do i wish to rush it. I play the pc version on and off. i am in no means in a rush to whip through everything just to meet endgame.

I genuinely enjoyed Black Ops 4. Theres a lot of information that needs to be taken in and you may have to do a little research but as someone who hasn’t played a call of duty game before, I think its really fun 🙂

FIFA 19 – The Ultimate team Review – How to unpack the best players

FUT – Let’s start with the cons:

  • The Pc port is quite bad, you probably will need to install a few mods to fix some the issues.

And I guess one might one argue that there is some unnecessary repetition in the gameplay.

Now to the pros:
The story is amazing; It goes much deeper than androids vs machines but it will take a while until it reaches that point. So, be patient and play it through until the very end. It truly is a unique experience.

Recommended, but purchase at a solid discount. While FIFA is easily one of the best soccer games I’ve ever played in my life, the devs have abandoned it and plenty of bugs and optimization issues were left to be patched by player mods.

+++ Almost everything. The branching narrative, combat, leveling and equipment system, visual palette, and an *OUTSTANDING* soundtrack. This is one of the best games to ever come out of Europe. *And yet*…

– Without player mods installed, It is a buggy, unoptimized experience on PC. The ‘FAR’ mod is essential.
– People use these types of youtube videos that can you free fut points and coins and just kind of ruins the experience for everyone else. Here’s what I’m talking about: fut hack



The Fortnite Beta for Android is now reside and rolling out to a wide list for android Large FORTNITE Android download news has been shared telephone enables you to manage user utilizing touch controls on the screen.

Because the game is totally free, that is how it tends to make money—and so far a lot of it. 300 million in income. Skins are not usually accessible either. Exclusive Battle Royale Sub Commander Outfit & Slipstream Glider: Navigate the battlefield in the Sub Commander Outfit and Slipstream Glider. Exclusive Save the Globe Heroes: Even the mighty Smasher will not stand a opportunity against Havoc and Sub Commando Jonesy. Exclusive Twitch Chat Emojis: Show your Fortnite pride with four exclusive Twitch chat emojis. Now the game may be free, but you need to buy the battle pass to unlock the awesome skins. However, you can use this youtube video: HOW TO GET A FREE SEASON 6 BATTLE PASS to get it for free!

Use your pickax to chop down trees, buildings, automobiles or just about something you can discover. With restricted exceptions, it all breaks and provides you 1 of the 3 sources.

Following opening chests or raiding the supplies dropped by fallen foes, you ought to come across consumables to recover your well being and shield. Most parents would by no means dream of placing their kid in a space with 99 strangers, nevertheless on-line it appear this is becoming worryingly acceptable.

An additional Fortnite cheat to sneaking in with out becoming noticed is developing a shack and obtaining inside. “All our controller can do is send inputs to your telephone or iPad when you press buttons or move the analog stick.

Guided Missile Launcher(removed) – exploit the weak points of enemy constructions by aiming your personal missiles with this Fortnite weapon. Then, in September, the developers launched the battle royale version of the game, which is famously totally free to play on all platforms and the 1 that most individuals know.

Why do individuals dance in front of downed players? It is a way to taunt. Their objective is to make the downed player annoyed. It appears cruel, but nearly everybody does it. That is why they added emotes to Fortnite.

The 1 important is for your pickaxe, so use 2, 3, and four (the most accessible keys) for the weapons that you will require to switch to at shortest notice. You will have to turn out to be buddies on Computer, Mac, Switch, iOS, or Android initial. The Xbox 1 player then requirements to be in a non-solo queue and have the game privacy setting set to either “public” or “friends”.

Initial, consume two minis (25 shield every), obtaining you up to 50 shields. Then, drink down your large pot (50 shields every) to get you up to the complete one hundred shields.

Fantastic – spend interest to the way in which it is shrinking. Will you be outdoors it shortly? If you are down on your luck and the secure zone is a trek away, obtaining there is your priority.

Due to the nerf to operating double shotguns, you will usually be firing a shot with this and switching to an SMG or the Drum Gun. Are Shotguns Overpowered (OP)?

Regardless of the reality that the agreeable multiplayer is the important element of the gameplay, the story is genuinely important. From there, tap the Samsung button—this will redirect you to the Fortnite web page in the Galaxy Apps shop. Tap the Set up button to download the installer. As soon as downloaded, the installer will launch.

Epic Games has confirmed the initial round of iOS Invite Codes are headed out to players who signed up for the Invite occasion earlier this week. Attempting to develop a structure with out the correct supplies will trigger the game to inform you what you are missing, which is a great way to discover out what you ought to be searching for whilst out scavenging.

The game enables up to 4 players who type a group to shield the survivors and developing defensive structures to fight the storm in the game globe. As soon as you have signed in, you will be transported to an region that Fortnite calls the Lobby. As this is your initial go to, you will not see a lot right here.

But you can spend for it as nicely. Fortnite’s in-game currency is known as V-Bucks (Vindertech Bucks or Vinderbucks). You can purchase V-Bucks following clicking the cart icon from the leading when you are in the lobby. What the player requirements to do is to go up the grassy stairs below the bridge, climb on leading of the wall and jump into the opening about that region.

Anticipate players to try the above tip by knocking out your walls with other guns, so be certain to add a ramp or be ready with an extra wall if you are taking heavy fire. The other 4 challenges will earn you 30 Battle Stars, but you will not be in a position to total them if you do not have the Battle Pass.

Select what ever game mode you favor, then wait to enter your game lobby. Be certain to choose the correct game mode. In order to do this, you should attempt them all at least as soon as. “Solo” is you vs.

NBA 2k19 – Is the mobile version ready?

Another year, another mess. Every year it seems like 2k will make a minor tweak, or add a neat little feature, while also destroying a mechanic of the game. It’s been 2 years since you could actually make a contested layup. The main complaits this year from me would be :
1) AI can steal the ball too often with little draw back.
2) All blocks on your side are instantly rebounded by the AI and will either get an And 1, or a bucket
3) In MyCareer its impossible to have a good teamgrade. You can make 8 straight shots and barely go up 1/3 of a letter grade, while a silly turnover will send you down almost an entire letter grade.
4) And as always, the PC version of the game makes it impossible to enjoy any online features due to rampant cheating.

Now what I will be waiting for is the Mobile release of NBA 2k19 and well it should be coming soon. I found a channel on youtube that actually has the game download ready. Check it out here: Download NBA 2k19 for iOS and Android APK

If you like MyLeague and single player MyCareer then I say just play last years as there isn’t much of an increase in new features to warrant another 60 dollars into 2k’s pockets.

2K has ruined it this year, hackers online means that you’ll face opponents who don’t miss and have superteam because of microtranscations. MICROTRANSCATIONS are in ALL PARTS OF THIS GAME!!!!! you cannot do anything without getting at least 75k VC. I made two different MyCareer players and at hall of fame difficulty GOOD LUCK doing anything. I maxed them both out, 30 pounds…EACH, JUST TO SEE HOW I COULD IMPROVE BUT I DIDN’T.

GTA 5 iOS and Android 2018 Review

I have not, nor will I ever, play the multiplayer.

Can be a pretty fun game. The mechanics are spot on, and the visuals are beautiful.
The world is vibrant and active. The sandbox map is massive with tons to explore.
I wish more buildings could be entered, however. When you start to realize most of them are just empty set-dressing, the world seems more hollow and artifical, breaking immersion.

The main characters can be quite unlikable at times.
Franklin, the well-meaning but ultimately stupid thug-lite.
Michael, the self-absorbed WASP who moans about his life while sitting in his mansion.
Trevor, the “LOL SO RANDUMB” 4.chan washout psychopath wanna-be that only appeals to kids under the age of twelve. Less of a character and more of a walking cringe factory.

Played over 900 hours on gta 5 mobile and enjoyed just messing about with mates or helping them with missions and such however went to load it the other day and it would not load due to there being an error with social club it said it failed to load due to and update i think and i am not sure how to fix it at all so i have unistalled the game for now if anyone has had the same issue or know how to fix it please let me know 🙂 Oh and watch the video to get it for free:

Seriously, I like the game, but hate having to play these three. I wish there were better choices.

Galaxy Skin Guide Fortnite

700+ Hours so far and I still suck at fortnite…. surprising casual players when I say it but I still love this game and always play it on my off time or when people aren’t on. The skill cap is really high so the game is always improving with new mechanics being discovered. The game doesn’t require people to pay money to enjoy it either you can still get stuff just for playing the game enough and trading towards it if you really want to. 5 stars for me

A shining example of a small studio with a sleeper hit going the big boys’ path to money grabbing by all means necessary. It is a shame that in a few decades the gaming industry went from free skins to micro transactions, to changing money for the possibility to give you the thing that you want. “It is only visual” may apply for the most decals, rims and so on, but they are aimed at making you pay in order to also have such nice goal explosion, animated body paint, flashy rims etc. Then we have all the new cars, which look and feel different. Whit Psyonix not bothering to show any actual hit boxes or official stats, only blind trust holds their statement of “not selling power”. Well you should definitely follow tutorials on youtube on getting free skins to save money. Here’s a working one I found for fortnite: How to get Galaxy Skin

The new season pass creates a nice new twist. You buy a pass and they have to play matches in order to unlock items from the season’s item list. Therefore, you ought to both pay and play hours in order to obtain the locked items. At least you know beforehand which items to expect. However, if you do not buy the pass, you can still play hours and unlock something. Yes, this something is among the most boring, uninspired items nobody would care/pay for if there were micro transactions.

On a technical note, the servers in Europe (Sept 2018) are ok. There are occasional WTF moments when the you could sworn you are about to hit the ball only to see it fly by or to pause midair in a momentary physics/server panic, or to have lag spikes and Saudi players with three digit pings in competitive games, but this is Rocket League. Forget matchmaking issues. The server issues persist through the years, but that is ok. We are here to sell loot boxes and do cross platform marketing.

iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered Guide

Despite the iOS 12 releasing today, there has already been an exploit to get cydia on that new running OS system. I found the guide here completely for free: iOS 12 Jailbreak Untethered

Anyway, despite that the general sense of adventure and exploration is still strong and for me stronger than rise/2013 and this is mostly a merit to the art team. The Tombs and assorted structures youll be visiting are truly awe inspiring this time around.
South American settings are a personal favorite and the feeling that the world is doomed is a great atmosphere for a final game.

Story wise I think there are definitely some interesting pieces but it all flows in a predicted manner, and has the same story beats and progression as the last 2 games. Again this barely saved by the visuals whether its seeing the cataclysms wrought by Lara first hand or the stellar design of some characters (a certain red badass lady) and the end game setting. As per usual with modern games though interesting bits are tucked away in notes which were never a good game design, lara will narrate them but not while you continue playing (really guys System Shock 1 did this right way back in 1994, if you are going to do lore dumps have them narrate during play).
iOS 12 brings new enjoyment to the gaming side of the iphone devices!
So all in all I enjoyed it, same as I enjoyed rise and 2013, but in a years time Ill look back and still be disappointed with what they turned my beloved character and series into. I’m glad the trilogy is over and I really wonder what will happen next. If we will get another radical change as has been the (unintentional) tradition of the series every few games.

Also smiling Lara is a goofy goober in photo mode and it gives me life.

How to play Grand Theft Auto 6

This is my favorite GTA 6 so far. I still have quite a ways to go to finish the game, so the second half half could still let me down. But so far:

– Better story for me personally, compared to the last two games, by far. Lara has personality in this one. I liked the last two, but Lara was kind of…empty feeling to me, as in I didn’t care about the story, and just enjoyed the gameplay. In this game, I actually pay attention to the story, I like Lara having a RANGE of emotions, and I just feel more involved in this one.

– Graphics are amazing, depending on how powerful your PC is. With a 1080ti, I play the game at Ultra settings and HDR enabled. In 4k, I sit pretty steady around 50 FPS. It looks incredible. Different art style than Rise, but after a while I feel this game does look better in some way, but essentially equal (based on Ultra settings). I actually drop the game down to 1440p however, as that lets me hit 80+ FPS with Ultra settings+HDR, and honestly I can barely tell a differencce in this game going between 1440p and 4k ( noticed a bigger difference in those resolutions in Rise – but it may be down to opinion). To note, I also play this on a laption that uses a regular GTX1080, and it runs well on 1440p with that card as well, but I had to drop AA down a bit to reach closer to 60 FPS. The 1080ti gives me 20-40 FPS difference. I also use Tobii Eye tracking on the laptop, and that works perfectly fine. You can also play the ios and android version here: GTA 6 Beta Download FREE 🔥 iOS/Android APK Grand Theft Auto 6 BETA Download!

– Overall, this is my favorite GTA 6 game to date, and I hope they add or I can unlock playing the mansion, which honestly every TR game should have. It may be a nit-pick, but the franchise usually has the mansion to explore, and I really notice when it’s not there. If you are a fan of this series – either from starting in 1996 like I did, or just this new trilogy, this isn’t a game to miss. more tombs, better puzzles, in some ways this game actually feels more classic GTA 6 than the last too. Lara’s moveset feels better here, bringing back rappeling, ripe swinging, etc.
No game is perfect, but so far I have had no crashes (unless I was screwing with flipping between Driectx 11 and 12 or something, which crashed the game…and I can’t really blame it), but no crashes in normal gameplay, no glitches I can think of. Any negatives I have are just nit-picks, and as a whole the game feels more solid than the last two (Rise was awful for me until months of patching, I have had no memory leaks in this game).

NBA 2k19 Mobile GUIDE!

The last NBA 2K i played was 2015. Quite a lot has changed for the better since then. Solid single player experience so far – not interested in online so I can’t comment there. Enjoying myself and there’s a lot of content and solid progression.

NBA 2k19  is truly excellent. Apart from the early launch bugs it provides an excellent MyCareer playmode with a much improved story. Of course there are some cheaters, but how is that different to any other game – the Park is also not the main part of the game so there are a lot of other modes to play on. People hating on this game, but on a real, i have not come across 1 cheater, there a minor bugs but that can be expected as the game just came out, my career is much better then last year, cut scenes can be skipped. Obviously there are a few negative things about the game, for instance, the price on equiptment is a bit ridiculous, and the neighbourhood can get quite dead at times. But all around a decent game. Now many people are waiting for the iOS and Android release of NBA 2k19… well, it’s actually already launched. This guy on youtube found it here: How to get NBA 2k19 Mobile for iOS/Android APK FREE DOWNLOAD!

Do not buy this game watching Steam Reviews. People here are mostly bunch of Idiots who have never played any NBA 2K Series or just returned to the franchise after 5 to 3 years later complaining how bad the game is or playing on a average PC and saying it has bugs lags etc. Avoid the idiots go to You Tube and see the reviews from the people who actually has some knowledge based on this game. This game is 5 times better than 2k18 in every aspect. Total value for money. MyCareer is awesome with a very interesting storyline better than even 2K17.Smooth Gameplay and some minimal glitches that wont effect your game.

How to get yourself those awesome skins in fortnite!

Then there’s the training. In the original Fortnite, there was also training. It took a hell of a lot longer to train someone, but there were only 3 certifications. And you only had to train doctors. Once you had a Consultant (Max Skill) with Psychiatry, Surgeon, and Research certifications, you could train all of your doctors to do everything with one person. You were only limited by the size of your training room.

Not here. No, no. In TPH, you must train everyone in your hospital, nurses and janitors included. Over and over and over. And you can never train any one person to be able to handle anything, because they all have several slots to learn skills but not enough slots to learn even half of them. And they have to be trained in order to be promoted. And if you dont promote them they will eventually rage quit. I thought the queue of personnel waiting to be trained was ridiculous until I ran into the next problem, which broke the game for me. Now if you are wanting those dope skins in fortnite make sure to WATCH this video! how to get free skins in fortnite

So even if you can deal with I’ve described so far, and admittedly I was able to, here’s what else the game will do to you. I’m the type that will run up a debt before I even unpause the game to prebuild as much hospital as is possible without ending up bankrupt. It’s a fine line that I enjoy walking at the beginning of a mission. It was a great strategy in Fortnitel but after a few missions in TPH, it all went wrong.

On the final mission before just throwing my hands up in the air and giving up the game in disgust, I spent probably 2.5 hours prebuilding my hospital. I filled 3 entire wings with everything I could build, hired the best doctors possible, and started training them immediately upon unpausing the game. The entire hospital was well decorated, very prestigious, and properly heated. And then they came.