My Kingdom Come Deliverance REVIEW!

Kingdom Come Deliverance is not for everyone, to be more specific if you are looking for a historically accurate and realistically immersive game this is for you. Henry, our MC is not some unstoppable beast of a man from any other action game, he’s a normal guy and the game does a great job of portraying this. Like in real life fighting more than one person alone is a risky thing at best KCD really delivers the feeling that combat is something you need to think about and not rush in like an idiot. Each strike feels meaningful, you might start your attack knowing you’re going to be parried only to try and land a serious blow on the 2nd or 3rd attack or perhaps you might try and parry and riposte there are plenty of options for you to take with swordplay alone. there is some elements of convenience like limited fast travel (I choose never to use it, because it breaks immersion) but for the most part you need to play this in a similar manner to Skyrim with Frostfall/Needs mods on.

Henry cant go on for days without food/drink/sleep and maintain these stats directly affects your combat stats like they would in real life (i.e. if you’re starving you probably wouldn’t do so well in a marathon.) The armor system is really where this game shines though, if you’re like me and have a ragging hard on for historical accuracy then this is for you. Armor actually does its damn job: protecting you instead of just acting as damage mitigation system in every other game out there.

There are gambesons, mail, scale, and plate all of which can be worn over in layers as they would have been in real life. There is very little hand holding in this game and I love it. For every situation there seems to be a number of ways that you can approach a problem and this is reflected in the leveling system which I adore. Instead of just XP bars that fill up for doing it takes a page from TES: Oblivion in which skills only level up if you use them. Want to be a master swordsman? Better start swinging that sword in fights/training. You want to be a better trader/rogue learn engage with merchants by haggling or persuading them. The list goes on, so if you want an experience that gives you full late medieval accuracy/immersion with little to no handholding then this is for you. I did get Kingdom Come Deliverance for free so I am not too worried… I linked the video if you want to get it too!

PUBG in a nutshell…

Woah, what’s that? Did you hear that? Could it be a Kar98k? Or a M24? Nope. That’s just a guy with a S12K shooting you from the town over. You sit in awe and mash the button to watch the death cam. There it is. You see ‘Xiaomeng27371’ kill you from across Erangel. You tremble and start muttering whilst in the fetal position.

You start to wonder why. What’s even the point of the chicken dinner? Why is it necessary to fight for something that isn’t there?

Then you click ready… and it happens again.

Suddenly, you start to shake feverishly. The taste of chicken is no longer of interest to you and you start thinking about a beef-heavy dinner instead. You see your trusty friend come online and he asks you to play. You comply.

You both queue up for a duo game. A bright sandy colored map glares from your monitor- you’re now in Miramar. You and your friend are excited to see what could possibly happen in this new hip map. You drop down to ‘Pecado,’ it looks like a relatively small city compared to ‘Los Leones,’ but then you look behind you. There must be atleast half the players in the servers in your trail, and ahead of you. You decide that you parachute to the casino.

How oddly coincidental that you chose that spot- it is quite literally a gamble. You find a weapon that doesn’t exist in the original map, the Win94. You are astonished, you have no idea what to expect and there’s no time to figure it out. Your friend is down, but not out by a guy with a P1911. You start loading the weapon, vaulting out of a window and start firing. You realize that the Win94 has some wind-up time to it. Your friend starts yelling at you in discord; your hands are shaking and he doesn’t have much time before he completely bleeds out.

You run the corner, headshotting the killer. He’s down, and you hear stampeding footsteps behind you. You turn around and dome the killer’s partner, killing both of them and knocking them out of the game.

You pick up your friend. A newfound trust is built between you. 40 left alive, and luckily, you are in the circle. You give your friend your only first aid kit and move on to the other complexes, completely geared up and ready to fight. 20 left, now.

The circle is a bit far, and you decide to take the minibus to the circle. It’s terrible. You could probably run faster uphill than it could. You decide to do so.

You finally reach the border of the circle with your friend, excited and anxious if anyone was following you two. 10 remain. You decide to coup up in a building and wait for the circle to shrink. People are getting killed by the circle, 8 left, 7 left, 6 left, and suddenly there was 4 remaining. It’s you, your friend, and maybe another duo, or two solo players. The circle decides that it will end up on the other side, far from you. You and your friend need to move. Your hands get sweaty. Time and space comes to a halt. Your homework is past due and your boss is angry at you for taking the day off. Nothing. Else. Matters.

You hear shots zoom past you, your heartrate jumps considerably high. You see the muzzle flash behind a bush, and you takeout your sniper and take a shot. His fortified helmet is broken and it’s one shot away from getting killed. Your friend takes a shot. He gets instantaneously killed.

“WE CAN DO THIS” said friend.

3 left. 2 versus 1.

The circle closes in.

It’s out in the open.

… You hear an audible click, on the opposite end of the circle. It’s a grenade.

You and your friend scramble to get away, turns out that one grenade turns into 5. Your friend is downed from 1, and killed by another. It’s one on one.

You take out your AR and pray that you get the kill as soon as you peek the corner. You approach the corner, and suddenly, you are killed. You scream as loud as the galaxy permits the decibels to escape the atmosphere of Earth. You mash the death cam as hard as you can. You watch carefully.

Apparently, your left most pinky toe stood out and you are killed.


You start complaining how this game is trash and the tick rate is garbage, and all this other technical jargon that you found on reddit and youtube. You slept in anguish that night.

You start up and play again the next morning with the same friend.

Although the game is fun, it is TRASH. BLUEHOLE needs to take all these millions and put it into anti-cheat… Every single game there is a hacker running around ruining the game with their aimbot and esp cheats. They are just getting new account from this video: this guy called ryzatv can get pubg free on steam…. that’s how they do it.

Here’s my full review:

Ok, to begin this, I am going to be honest, I don’t play the game anymore and barely have enough hours to say anything compare to all of my friends however from the time I have had on here, here is my opinion on the game. So to begin, guns are pretty realistic in this game but a lot of bullet damage is either to over powered or useless. Servers constantly have issues which can get really annoying. Winning is okay but you should get a little bit more of a reward like a random case instead of just 1000 coins. The Chinese people migrating because of hackers is really annoying and the Devs are trying to scare hackers but are failing. The real issue with this game is, it’s repetitive. The majority of my friends quit playing this game within there first 50-100 hours. The whole games feel exactly the same and it’s either you get sniped, killed in a close quarter range, or are near the end and die. You won’t understand until you try it out. It’s like a cigarette, the first few cigarettes are amazing, then they lose the feeling it gives when you smoke. Kinda like a rush of dopamine levels in your brain that make you happy but then you strive to get to that point again by winning or playing but it never gets to that point again. Game is repetitive said and done, I know I play a lot of gmod, but this game was a one hit wonder, try fort it’s instead, easier to run, free, and it actually feels like a whole new gaming experience, believe it or not I even like unturned’s 24 player arena mode better, I hope they add more to that. Well good luck.

Sims 4 Review

if i could import playtime hours from other consoles, i’d probably be in the thousands. that being said, the console (specifically XBox) has a horrific game breaking bug so im glad i made the switch to PC

ahhh, the Sims. the love of my life and the bane of my existence. ive sunk nearly 700 hours into this game, and have hundreds more logged into the XBox version back when i was younger as Desperate. what’s to say about this game? well, for starters, it’s way better than Sims 4, so jot that down. Sims 4 may have the graphics, updated animations, and looks, but Sims 3 has all the charm, customization, versatility, and open world. Sims 3 has long loading times, but you only ever get one big loading screen for a whole world, as opposed to a gajillion small loading screens.

I’ve been in love with the Sims series for a long time. i’m a sucker for character customization in games, and Sims 3 is basically “Character Customization: The Game”. I guarantee at least 50 of my game play hours are JUST me making tweaks to my Sims. and, indeed, making Sims is almost an art form. as you play the game and get a better feel for what looks good and doesn’t, you’ll find yourself going back to update old looks.

i will say though, the vanilla base is fun to play and versatile on its own, owning the right expansion pack is what kicks it up a notch from good to great. i personally recommend Supernatural for Baby’s First Expansion Pack, if youre into vampire husbands and occassional zombie infestions paired with a lovely gothic aesthetic and chairs wearing corsets for some reason. if that doesn’t appeal to you, try Into The Future, for all your solarpunk desires, weird hairdos, bizarre picasso clothes, and expansive questline needs. Pets is another popular expansion, but i would not make it your first, personally, as the pets are a bit buggy. unless, of course, you like when mr fluffles turns into an extended slenderman polygon abomination. i own Pets and it’s good fun, but it adds another layer of micromanagement i often forget to bother with (oops).

pros of game:
+character creation
+character creation
+character creation
+can make a self insert and have them date your fave fictional character
+make a hideous goblin and breed it until it has pretty babies
+the modding scene is huge, active, and full of fun stuff to install (caveat: always back up your game. a wonky mod can cause pretty nasty side effects)
+the micromanaging is super friendly to control freaks like me. pause and fast forward whenever you like!
+character creation
+healthcare is free, accidental pregnancy isnt a thing, there’s no racism or misogyny, life is good
+the expansion packs only add more layers of fun gameplay and quest lines

cons of game:
-microtransactions, anybody?
-still full price for some ungodly reason despite being old as balls and the sequel being out
-expansion packs are also full price
-stuff packs are not worth it. I’ve waffled on buying them solely to say i own every expansion but decided against it. some expansion packs are also expensive-seriously the micro transactions in this game
-WHY IS IT STILL FULL PRICE IT’S BEEN YEARS, EA (by the way – RyzaTV has a video on how to get sims 4 free)
-if you hate micromanagement, you will hate this game
-game is HUGE, will eat all your disk space and CPU, and has the nerve to ask for more
-i run this on a (decent but not gaming oriented) laptop, so maybe this is just my computer being a stupidhead, but it still chugs on me on the lowest settings, so be warned
-the character customization can be overwhelming for a new user

i recommend this game to:
+people who love roleplaying
+people who love micromanagement
+people who LOVE character customization
+people who enjoy silly games without much violence or conflict
+people who love messing around and doing dumb stuff like recreating shrek but with the Sims

stay away from this game if:
-microtransactions are a deal breaker for you
-you hate micromanaging
-you don’t care for character customization
-your computer overheats easily
-you crave action, conflict, and fast-paced stories. the stories in Sims 3 affect me about as much as a gentle breeze, and im the emotional sort

A good game, has good and bad aspects, but personally i would get it on sale because why the shint is this game still full price

8.5/10 please help me

Natural Body Remedies for Skin, Hair & Feet that Men and Women Can Use


Facial, Skin and Hair Remedies for Men and Women!
It’s been a while since I last wrote an article concerning face care remedies and it’s because I’ve been testing the waters of the newest and latest remedies this past year and I’ve found some pretty good combinations. I’ve also tested quite a few new remedies as well. You don’t always have to rush out and spend lots of money on facial or skin care products. Why not use what you have at home, or stick to the natural approach? These home remedies will be sure to help improve your hair and skin. However, please remember that each person is different and has a unique body. What’s good for your neightbor may not always be good for your skin! So use caution when trying these remedies. Make sure that you do not have an allegies to things such as nuts or oils.

1.) Facial Astringent: Apple Cider mixed with carbonated water:

Apple cider vinegar mixed with carbonated water makes an excellent astringent for the face. Go to your local grocery store and purchase some apple cider vinegar (any brand) and any brand of carbonated water. I sometimes personally prefer Piere water, being that it’s infused with only mineral salts and carbonation (CO2). Plus, the cool thing is that it’s approved and certified by the department of health and national academy of medicine.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar is made from pulverized apples that have fermented. The fermenting process produces yeast and alchols and the results are vinegar. Vinegar is mostly acetic acid.

You can also try the flavored Piere water that contains essential oils from fruit. That will add a nice scent to your astringent. Please also remember to refrigerate your mixture if you have used the flavored water with essential oils to keep it preserved.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that it all does the same job and one will not ‘out-do’ the other. If you’re on a budget and the Piere water is too expensive for your taste, then don’t despair! You can select the grocery store brands scented carbonated water that has scents and mild flavors such as your local grocery store generic brands such as Safeway’s Foods brands and many of the typical grocery stores have their own store brands of waters and such! You can also purchase carbonated water store brands from stores such as Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Von’s, Albertsons, Safeway, and Trader Joes. These stores usually have their own brands, as they do with other grocery items, helping you to budget your money.

To mix your apple cider vinegar and carbonated water astringent, here is what you do:

1.) Go to your local craft store such as Micheal’s or Joanne’s and check out the glass aisle for a cute cork-screw or tightly closing lid jar. The tall or round jars usually cost between 1.99-4.9. Make sure to grab at least 3 or 4 bottles to keep around for home mixing remedies.

2.) Go out to your local grocery store and purchase your preferred brand of carbonated waters and your apple cider vinegar.

3.) Time to mix this stuff! Now, take you want an even mixture of half and half. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can decide how much vinegar to mix. For example, you may want to use a cup of carbonated water and 1/3 cups of vinegar.

4.) If you know that your skin is pretty tough, then you can do half and half, such as ½ cup of carbonated water and ½ cup of vinegar.

5.) You can also add some oils such as almond and or rose oils to the mixture and let it stand in open sunlight for about 2 days and then make sure to keep chilled. Keeping your astringent chilled keeps it fresh and the coldness is always good for tightening pores.

6.) Use cotton balls or a tiny square of a washable wash cloth that you can use over and then toss into the laundry to get cleaned. However, make certain that you wash the towel separately in order to prevent the oils from absorbing into other clothing items.

Hair Care: Make Your Own Conditioner and Hot Oil Treatments:

2.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hair Treatment

Is your hair dry and a bit crispy, body-less, and lifeless from dying, curling, blow-drying and chemically processing? If so, don’t worry, you won’t have to cut your hair just yet. So relax! Here are some hair remedies that will help you salvage your dignity!

Items you will need:

1.) Extra Virgin Olive Oil – small cork-screw bottles.

2.) Clear cork screw bottles

3.) Your favorite shampoo of choice – try Matrix, Biolage, Infusium, or any brand that helps restore damaged and dyed hair.

4.) Clear plastic disposable shower or hair cap that you can toss in the garbage when you’re finished.

5.) Your hair…

6.) Before you begin, don’t forget to put the oil in the bottles, because you surely would not want to tote the entire bottle of olive oil into your shower with you…

However, if you’re 100% certain that you’re the only person who’s going to be using the olive oil then tote the bottle if you must. I would

Shampoo your hair as you always do, rinse with warm to hot water. Make sure that you have rinsed all of the soap from your scalp. If you do not rinse the soap from your scalp well, it will prevent the oil from fully absorbing into your scalp, interfering with conditioning.

Once you have made certain that you’ve rinsed your hair and scalp good, you can begin to condition with olive oil. Take your cute little bottle and begin to condition. The residual heat from rinsing your hair in the warm water will act as a catalyst for heating the oil. So make sure that your hair is pre-warmed.

Saturate your hair with the olive oil and please be sure not to drop any in the shower because it can be a slippery and dangerous mess. Make sure that all oil is absorbed by your scalp. When your hair is saturated, place clear plastic shower cap on your head.

Let oil stand in hair for at least 25-45 minutes if you have all day to pamper yourself. Actually, you can experiment with the time if you’d like. To rush the process, you can use the heat of a blow-dryer or a regular portable hair dryer that you can get from Sally’s Beauty Supply Stores. From time-to-time, remove hair cap and check your hair to see the difference, this can help you determine whether or not you will need a longer time period or not.

When you feel that the oil has been in your hair long enough, rinse it with warm water once again for about 20 minutes. If you’d like, you can leave some of the olive oil in your hair, by partially rinsing it out. Once you’re finished rinsing your hair, let it dry naturally.

Do not blow dry your hair because you will start the process of drying your hair out and stripping it of the nutrients that the olive oil has just restored.

Some will argue that rinsing your hair with hot luke-warm to hot water will dry the hair out, but that’s not the case, being that you just had a 25-45 minute hot oil treatment on your hair. The oil protects your hair from being dried out!

I’d recommend not using any type of heating devices such as curling irons or blow dryers for at least two to three weeks. If you do need to style your hair, use Conair steam rollers and a setting lotion, which will help your hair curl easier.

I’d recommend trying this on a weekend, where you can just stay in and walk around in your pajamas all day and just lounge.

You will notice improvements nearly immediately.

If you’re worried about the olive oil being too oily or leaving residue in your hair, don’t worry, you can choose to use less oil next time or rinse once more.

Extra virgin olive oil is amazing.

If you go on a regular basis to get your hair done, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to do the hot oil treatment. If she is pressed for time and runs a tight schedule, have her add you in when she knows that she will have time to devote herself to you.

3.) Peanut Butter Face, Hair and Feet Pomade:

Peanut butter is yummy and useful for many things. However, it can be a messy taks if you’re not careful. Be sure to use lots of precaution while cleaning. However, do not use if you have an allergy to fruit or nuts of any kind.

You can use creamy peanut butter for hair pomade if your hair is dry and brittle. You can also use peanut butter for skin and feet. Peanut butter has natural oils that are great for dry body issues that plague the hair, and skin.

Items you will need:

1.) Peanut butter

2.) Oatmeal

3.) Rose, or Almond Oil for scent or even olive oil again!

4.) Seat Salt

5.) Honey

6.) Warm Water

7.) Plastic Thongs or slippers for feet

1.) Peanut Butter amp; Hair Care: Make sure to purchase any brand of peanut butter for hair pomade. Put in hair after washing and then place a cap onto your hair. Let peanut butter stay in hair for about 20 minutes or more. Then make sure to rinse out.

2.) Peanut Butter amp; Skin: Use peanut butter for facials. You can take it and mix it with olive oil, oatmeal and sea salt. The sea salt and oatmeal will exfoliate your skin and the oils will act as a natural conditioner. This also works for skin rashes caused by poison oak and ivy, mosquito and spider bites.

3.) Peanut Butter amp; Dry and Rough Feet: Soak your feet in a large pedicure wash basin and mixed with the apple cider vinegar and oil astringent.

Once you have finished soaking your feet, empty the basin and use as a base to mix the ingredients. Take a generous amount of peanut butter, raw honey, sea salt, rose or almond oil and oatmeal. Mix these items together and then apply to feet. Massage the paste into feet and keep feet in basin to avoid a mess. Once you have massaged feet for as long as you feel is suitable, take the warm water or have someone bring you warm water in a large container. Rinse your feet off in the water basin and pour water down the toilet or in your backyard. Do not pour water down the drain because the peanut butter and oatmeal may cause plumbing issues.

Next, take some of the almond, rose or even olive oil and massage into feet while wet and place warm footie (socks) onto feet. Do this at least once a week to improve the appearance of your feet.
NOTE: It may be wise to do this foot treatment in your bathroom, where you have access to instant water in order to rinse your feet off.

Scented Body Oils Made From Olive Oil

You can also use olive oil as a body oil to rid your body of dry skin. Yes, not only can you use olive oil as conditiner for your hair, you can also use olive oil as a body oil. It’s a good as vasoline, actually, it’s better than vasoline because it doesn’t contain any of the icky chemicals that vasoline contains. Yes, if you can dip freshly baked breads into oil votive and eat it, then you can use it on your body as well. Olive oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets. It’s drfinately considered to to be a miracle!

Again, get one of those cute little bottles that you purchased as extras, pour a generous amount of olive oil into your bottle and then add your fragrance of choice such as rose, jasmine, gardenia or even natural vanilla extract. I would strongly recommend going to Bath amp; Body Works again for a very large selection of yummy, and even scentastic body oils! Yes, the word “scentastic” would definitely be fitting for this store because they stock nearly any scent that you can think of and their pumpkin spice scents and candles are also amazing and fitting for the holidays! Check them out or, better yet, hustle into the nearest bath and body works to test out some scents for yourself. Make sure that you select pure oils, without any alcohols. You can also try the Body Shop too for scents that are out of this world!

Another company I have to amazing smelling NATURAL products are Grahams Natural! Their new body wash smells so nice and fresh, perfect if you have sensitive skin to some of the other companies! I would highly recommend them for their rosacea cream!

Items Needed:

1.) Olive oil of course!

2.) The cute little corkscrew bottle.

3.) A strainer so that you will not spill oil all over the place, causing an icky spill.

4.) You choice of scents from Bath amp; Body Works ( or The Body Shop (

How to Mix:

1.) Take your bottle of olive oil and measure at least 1 1/2 cups and pour in.

2.) Take the yummy scents that you have just purchased from either store.

3.) Since these oils are very strong and one drop can truly last you a while, take at least 5 drops at a time and shake the mixture.

4.) Be sure to do this over and over again, testing the potency of the oils mixed together. You can control and moderate just how much fragrance you want in your oil. Don’t be afraid to mix these oils either. For example, you can take jasmine oil and gardenia to make a stunning scent or why not pumpkin and gardenia with olive oil. if you’re searching for a spicey, why not use patchouli mixed with jasmine or sandlewood mixted with a pumpkin spice if your making secent for a guy? Get creative! If you go to far and mix something that’s not appealing, you can always add other scents and start over by adding much more olive and almond oil to even the scent out.

Stinky Feet?

If you have a problem with stinky feet, you may have a foot fungus. I would recommend going to your doctor right away to fix this, where they can diagnose your problem and then prescribe some type of topical ointment or the type that you may have to ingest such as penicillin based anti-biotic.

If you cannot get to the doctor right away, here are some quick remedies that you can try right away.

Items you will need:

1.) Wash basin

2.) Baking Soda: Arm amp; Hammer Baking Soda

3.) Vinegar

4.) Mineral Water or tap water

5.) Rose amp; Almond Oil

6.) Anti-fungal foot spray for afterwards

To start the process of deodorizing your stinky feet problem, take the wash basin and fill with warm water. Add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and baking soda in equal parts. Soak feet for 30 minutes or more. Occasionally remove feet from water and see if the smell has improved, if not, place in water longer and add more vinegar and basking soda to the water. Be sure to add some rose and or almond oil as well. When you have finished soaking your feet, let them dry and spray on some anti-fungal foot spray or apply creams such as Tanactin that you can get at your local drug store or pharmacy.

Try this treatment until you can seek the advice of a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe some type of anti-biotic and it may be a good idea not to try the remedy until your doctor has diagnosed your foot fungus and its source.

Citrus Fruits for Eczema?

Oranges not only taste good but they’re good for your skin. The aromatic qualities are energizing and are a great way to wake up your tired body. But why stop there? Many skin and aromatherapy experts agree on the benefits of incorporating citrus based products into your daily skin routine which may help with skin problems such as eczema & psoriasis.
Not all citrus fruits are created equal, different citrus fruits provide different benefits for your skin. Depending on your skin type and routine, you’ll want to check out the ingredients of different natural cleansers for the type of citrus fruits used. Oranges contain a high pH level and are great exfoliates. Citrus fruits have antiseptic qualities, which are natural cleansers and can be found in citrus astringents. Lemons have cleansing qualities, and can be found in natural face astringents and shampoo; limes are great for morning wake-up routines with their strong energizing qualities. Those of you looking for a pleasant smelling, yet hard working antibacterial cleanser, seek out soaps containing grapefruit but always make sure they are natural!.

Where to Find Them

If you are plagued with sensitive skin, all-natural citrus skin care can be gentle and effective. Pure Body has over 550 products that are all natural and they specialize in sensitive skin. Their Sweet Clementine Organic Body Polish by Trillium Organics is an exfoliate and moisturizer with skin protection power which is used bi-weekly for fresh, invigorating skin renewal and the price is not bad at 13.99 a jar. To get an idea of how your skin reacts to citrus based lotions and cleansers, the mini kits are great. Pure Body advertises the Trillium Organics Body Polish which includes three 2 ounce packs of body polishes in Sweet Clementine, Pink Grapefruit and Fresh Lime. For ten dollars you can try out the three different polishes and see which one works for you. There are several natural body care companies that offer mini-kits; the best are ones offer a mix of lotions, astringents and cleansers. These packages offer you the chance to try a whole skin care routine. Crabtree and Evelyn Inc. offers an enormous array of mini kits, with all natural citrus products; they are however, more expensive. Some of their stuff is so great though, it’s a guilty pleasure! There Naturals Gift bag is great, the sizes are much larger than most mini kits and with more variety. One Naturals Gift bag has five body products ranging from body wash, to a mist spritzer and shower mouse. One bag can cost between 40 and 60 dollars, it’s a lot, but if you love citrus products and a cute little bag to boot, it’s worth it. Probably the best idea would be to try a less expensive citrus product first, see how you and your skin like it. If you love it, go bigger and better.

One other lower priced natural skin care company is Natural Elements Online. Think Wal-Mart prices but way better selection. They have a nice selection of citrus products, and other natural products, to choose from, and for the price, you won’t feel guilty if you don’t like a certain product once you try it at home. Or you can try this brand, they are bit more expensive but it is the best cream for eczema that has some great ingredients including manuka honey, calendulis & are specifically designed for people with dry, sensitive skin (would defs recommend).

Natural skin care products not only smell great but they work great. There are no harsh irritants that can cause those with sensitive skin to break out in a rash or cause itching or burning. The prices can be a bit more than your average store brand face wash, but the benefits are worth it; you’ll walk away from your morning skin care routine smelling, looking and feeling great.

Step-Up Your Beauty Routine With Our Recommendations

Whether you have caterpillar brows or do not need to spend lots of money in your beauty routine, this informative article offers fantastic suggestions how to handle all those beauty problems. Additionally, it will simply show you how to amp up your everyday elegance schedule to possess you hunting and experiencing your very best.

If you like to add a crunch of color for your face midday, consider selling through to a stick of treatment impact or perhaps a solution -centered cheek blusher. Utilize a small add up to the peers of one’s cheek mixing in circular movements. This maintains your face seeking fresh employed in a fashion that’s mainly complementary and merely in a natural.

If you want to soak up extra oil inside your T-Zones, you need to use blotting documents to provide that person an even more flat look quickly. These sheets usually can be found in modest, pocket-sized packages; most are given in a dust-free solution or with grain powder. The packets have become cheap and certainly will be slipped into your wallet or table drawer.

Red-eyes allow you to look worn out and exhausted. As-needed each day carry a bottle of eyedrops inside your bag and reapply. At home, keep a package of eye-drops within the refrigerator to renew your eyes whenever you get home from a morning in a dry, air-conditioned office. (From: Lux Cronica’s Blog)

The coral or rose-colored impression can make a square face seem angular, with a smoother appearance. Place the blush in your cheekbones and then, using your fingertips, distribute it within an outside activity towards your temples.

If your face is a bit on the side that was prolonged, you may make the result look less severe, by only using some well-put cream blush. Opt for a dark flower or brick color, then use your fingertips to use the color solely to the peers of one’s cheeks; do not expand along with the past this aspect, as it could make your face appear, even more narrow.

Make an effort to moisturize your feet applying Vaseline, before putting for your summer season on your chosen shoes. Using a thick coating of Vaseline, slather the feet before sleep and address them by having an old set of stockings. The Vaseline may enter the skin, helping remove dryness and breaks when you sleep. So you can wear your favorite shoes with pleasure, the next day when you remove the socks, the feet will undoubtedly be smooth and supple.

To deal scrub every other time, with fried or greasy hair and just wash with water to the additional nights. Sometimes individuals with oily hair try and overcome the problem by over using a liquid. This removes the fat that is much from hair, making the sebaceous glands overcompensate to replace it. You may get psoriasis or eczema in your hair from bad chemicals in your products so make sure to use all natural products. (From: Strong Suggestions To Assist With Your Eczema)

Get the perfect makeup for yourself. That’s non comedogenic, with a wide variety of kinds to choose from a search for powder. Avoid attempting way too many various types of makeup because this may irritate your skin. Instead, locate the one that operates for you and sticks with it.

Give your face a monthly beauty treatment. You do not go to a club to get your skin in its best condition. You can, rather, offer yourself a complete cosmetic at home. Begin with something finish with a thick moisturizer, follow with a mudpack and to exfoliate.

As was mentioned from your other guide, there are techniques, many ideas, and suggestions to allow you to rev up your beauty regimen. You will find so many items you need to use from your home that may result in the beauty effects you are aiming for, make sure you are using great skin care products that are good for your well being and health!. The secret would be to locate those who will work best for you.

How To Kill Head Lice Eggs

One of the most common problems amongst children is infestation of lice. Those who are most likely to have a head lice infestation are kids between three to ten years of age.

However, one major problem is that this kind of infestation can start from one kid but spread to another. It can also be spread to the kid’s family members, classmates and friends.

Once you discover that a head lice infestation is happening, it is essential that those be killed right away so as to prevent from spreading it to others. These parasites spread around the world every year. Pediculosis, meaning head lice, is known to be endemic worldwide.

But, once you are able to get rid of all the lice from the hair, usually, you can still find nits or eggs left. This can restart the whole process again once they hatch. Therefore, it is essential that head lice eggs should be killed as well.

There are a lot of ways to finally get rid of head lice eggs – what you need to know and how to treat One easy method is to make use of a commercial shampoo that kills head lice. Since there is a life cycle of lice, it may take a number of treatments before they are removed. Commercial products deemed tobe more effective in killing head lice as compared to home remedies.

Another way is to utilize a delousing comb. These combs are specifically made to remove the nits and living like on the head. This is essential since lice eggs are more difficult to kill as compared to the live lice. As much as possible, all of it must be removed from the child’s hair so that the infestation can be stopped quickly. Try a natural head lice removal cream for this problem if nothing else works!

One more way is to just simple remove the child’s hair through shaving. This is more acceptable to be done on little boys as compared to girls. If you think that your daughter is not comfortable having a shaved head, a possible remedy is to shorten the hair length.

How To Boost Your Skin With A Calming Facial Massage!

Just as our body needs a thorough massage at regular intervals, to relax and boost the glow on our skin, our face has the same needs. In fact, it is held that the right massage technique will only accentuate the glow and health of your face!

But if there is still room for speculation, let’s find out…

Why should you try Facial Massage?

A healthy dose of facial massage can help you accomplish what many cosmetic manufacturers have boasted but have been unable to deliver. Facial massage…

  • Stimulates circulation: this is perhaps the most important reason! With healthy circulation, your skin can get free of toxins. The toxins can then be flushed out by your system for a healthy glow.
  • Tightens the skin: massage helps to stimulate the blood circulation. You can almost “train” your face to resist the pull of gravity by massaging your skin upwards.
  • Reduces the appearances of wrinkles: increased circulation ensures that blood reaches those areas in your face where wrinkles have started appearing and accumulating. It also imports more blood to sagging skin thereby reviving it.
  • Gets rid of puffiness: facial massage, if done with the right techniques, can reduce the puffy appearance of your skin.

Facial massage also

  • Releases stress from the muscles
  • Encourages better appearance
  • Improves and tones your complexion
  • Renders a feeling of well-being
  • Helps you to sport confidence (you KNOW your skin is glowing!)

Facial massage if done with an idea of the facial acupressure points has many more advantages. The following video can help you in this regard.

Now, for the most important concern…

Which are the points to massage?

These are different relaxing/acupressure points in your face. If you focus on these points, your massage routine will be more effective.

Observe this image and see the different benefits of massaging the different acupressure points:

Massage Today

Point 1: soothes the nervous system and calms your mind.
Point 2: combats insomnia and calms your mind.
Point 3: improves mental balance and reduces agitation.
Point 4: helps regulate blood pressure and heart beat.

What are the steps to practice an effective facial massage?

There are several massage techniques. However, here is an easy massage technique that you can not only perform on a daily basis, but also incorporate into your regular moisturizing schedule.

  • The reason as to why your skin ages
  • The benefits of facial massages
  • Various massage techniques and more…

One of the best ingredients for a facial massage is aloe vera! I used it in all my skin care products, it is simply amazing for rejuvenating the skin so much, this aloe vera natural deodorant does wonders for me!

So, whenever you find the time and resource for a facial massage, go for it!

Osteoporosis Information:

Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, leading to fragile, brittle bones that are more susceptible to fractures and breaks. The disease overwhelmingly affects women over the age of 55, who make up about 80% of osteoporosis patients, but it also occurs in men and can occur at any age. One of every two women and one of every eight men over the age of 55 in this country will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. Fortunately the disease is often preventable and treatable.

Many people do not realize that bone is living, growing tissue. It is made up primarily of collagen and calcium phosphate and throughout the course of your lifetime old bone mass is being reabsorbed and new bone is being created. During childhood and young adulthood, new bone is added at a rate faster than old bone is being removed, until peak bone mass is reached at about age 30. After age 30, bone reabsorption slowly begins to outpace bone creation. When bone is reabsorbed too quickly or created too slowly, osteoporosis can occur.

Risk Factors For Osteoporosis

A) Risk factors that cannot be controlled include:

Body size: Small, slender-boned women are at higher risk.
Ethnicity: Asian and Caucasian women are at the highest risk of developing osteoporosis. African-American and Latino women are at lower risk, although still higher than men.
Heredity: Susceptibility to osteoporosis may pass in families, as people whose relatives have suffered osteoporosis related fractures are more likely to suffer the same.

b) Risk factors that can be controlled include:

Dietary Factors: Diets low in vitamin D and calcium are known to contribute to increased risk of osteoporosis and other bone disorders. Studies have shown that many Americans consume less than half the calcium recommended to build and maintain healthy bones.
Inactivity: Bones need exercise to maintain their optimum density and those with inactive lifestyles or extended periods of bed rest lose bone density faster than those who maintain a reasonable level of activity.
Other Lifestyle Factors: Women who smoke have lower estrogen levels than non-smokers and often start menopause earlier, putting them at higher risk of developing osteoporosis. Regular alcohol consumption of 2 to 3 ounces a day or more can also be damaging to the skeleton, even in young men and women.

Understanding of bone

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease” because symptoms of bone loss are often not apparent until a fall or bump causes a fracture or break. Advanced osteoporosis may result in collapsed vertebrae, which can cause symptoms such as severe back pain, loss of height, or spinal deformities such as kyphosis, or severely stooped posture.

Following an examination and medical history analysis, your doctor might recommend a bone mineral density test (BMD). These tests are safe, painless, and non-invasive and are used to confirm a diagnosis of osteoporosis and help predict fractures and measure the rate of bone density loss.

Treatment of Osteoporosis

The best treatment is prevention. Reducing your chances of developing the disease by proper nutrition regular exercise, and avoiding smoking, alcohol, and other risk factors is the best way to ensure a healthy and active maturity.

Once diagnosed, your doctor will recommend a diet and exercise regime to slow down bone density loss, and discuss safety procedures with you to decrease the risk of falls